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Quivira Golf Club is a slam dunk on paper: a dramatic ocean side setting, a renowned golf course architect, and amenities you won’t find anywhere else.  In reality, it’s even better.

Practice Facility

Three words: oceanfront driving range.  This land would be a signature hole on nearly every course in the world.  At Quivira, it’s the driving range.  It sets the tone for your entire round, because regardless of where the ball goes, the view leaves you smiling.

The fundamentals of the practice facility live up to the scenery.  There is ample room on the tee box, plenty of targets at varying yardages, and neat pyramids of quality golf balls.  The 18-hole putting course is attached to the range and provides a chance to get a feel for the breaks.

Pro Tip: Spend some time on that practice green.  Thank me later.

Amenities & Customer Service

If you ask someone coming off the course what the best part of the round was, they’ll all say the beauty of the place, but there will be a slight hesitation.  That pause will be them thinking about the three comfort stations on the course and weighing ocean views against freshly prepared quesadillas.

At three points on the course (and another on the driving range), there are mini-restaurants designed to give you a quick break from your round.  Above you’ll see the first of these stations which appears after hole #4.  Each one offers a different freshly made morsel plus drinks of all kinds, granola bars, and other snacks.  The fresh food is tremendous and the cost is all included in your green fee, so you can pig out without reaching for your credit card (just bring some cash for tips).

The clubhouse (above) looks more like something from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous than your typical pro shop.  It has all the basics that you need – golf balls, mountains of soft goods, shoes – and the customer service is outstanding.  Additionally, the clubhouse is home to a bar with ocean views.  At night, it morphs into a steakhouse with world-class food.  I strongly recommend the seared tuna appetizer – it was the single best thing I ate in Cabo.

For more on the resorts at Quivira, check out our feature HERE.

Beauty & Scenery

Not to take away from the design of the holes, but the beauty of Quivira is the story.  Six holes are on the coast (which I mean literally, see above), and many others have gorgeous ocean views.  Added to the ocean views are dramatic elevation changes, exotic flora and fauna, and the the stark contrast of the course’s lush green against the desert sand.

The natural beauty at Quivira makes it nearly impossible to be angry on the course regardless of how you’re playing.

Par 3s

The four par 3s are a microcosm of Quivira as a whole: two really solid golf holes that are overshadowed by two that are postcard-worthy.  Above you see #13, the only par 3 on the back nine.  It’s a shorty – only 148 from the tips – but the green is the size of a sombrero.

The other coastal one-shotter, pictured above “Beauty & Scenery,” is #6.  It’s the mid-length par 3, ranging from 98 yard to 180.  The green has some length, but it also has enough movement to create plenty of three-putt bogeys.

The hole above is the second at Quivira, one of two par 3s that are inland and fairly long.  As you can see, the green is elevated and nearly surrounded by bunkers.  #9 is a touch longer, but it plays downhill and has only a single sand trap.  That green features two distinct tiers, so you need to hit it close for a real chance at birdie.

Par 4s

Any discussion of Quivira’s par 4s has to start with #5, the course’s signature hole.  It’s only 310 yards from the tips, but it’s a rollercoaster ride: you play to a tiny fairway that tilts toward the ocean, then hit an approach that drops precipitously to a tiny green (above).  Is it over the top?  Yes.  Is it a ton of fun?  Also yes.

“Over the top” is the theme of many of the par 4s at Quivira.  Above is #14, which was a divisive hole in our group.  It’s short, dramatically uphill, and has a blind approach unless you hit drive it past the mound or steer well left of it.  This type of hole is not that uncommon, but at Quivira it’s taken to 11.  Other fun and wild holes are the drivable #3, the dramatically uphill #8 – which also features a comfort/heckling station – and #11 with a blind tee shot.

Not every par 4 at Quivira is quite as extreme.  The first hole (above), is a solid welcome to the course, and #7 allows its coastal setting to provide the drama.

The closing trio can put some squares on your scorecard.  These three holes demand accurate drives and precise approaches, at just the point in the round where the wind will start to pick up.  Get your birdies early in the round, because you won’t find many at the end.

Par 5s

Quivira’s par 5s provide a great mix of fun, scoring opportunity, and challenge.  #4 is the only par 5 on the front, and it gently bends right and left over 616 yards providing lots of width.  Despite the length, there’s not a lot of opportunity for trouble, so it should be an easy par if you stay on track.

#10 and #12 (above) both play with huge elevation changes and dramatic doglegs.  #10 is fairly short, topping out at 554.  If you drive it in the fairway, you can have a nice shot at the green in two.  The putting surface is fairly small, but the hole is lightly bunkered.  #12 is the most memorable of the par 5s, playing from high on the mountain all the way down to the beach.  With a bend to the right and sharp turn left, you need to know your carry distances precisely if you’re going to try to bite off some extra distance.

The final par 5, #15, starts with a blind tee shot up a hill to a partially divided fairway.  It’s not long, but the elevation will eat up distance off the tee making an eagle unlikely.  Play smart and get a birdie try before taking on the tough closing stretch.


Quivira Golf Club has 18 golf holes that range from good to spectacular, but it’s more than a normal round of golf: it’s a golf adventure.  From the jaw-dropping views to the comfort stations that you won’t want to leave, it’s an experience that you’ll be thinking back on for years and planning a return to as soon as you leave.

Matt Saternus


  1. I had the opoortunity to play Quivira earlier this year and it was the most fun round of golf I have ever played, even with rental clubs! The course views are incredible, the comfort stations make it hard to play fast, so plan on a 5-plus hour round of golf. When we played the winds were really blowing, making a very difficult course much harder, but still had a fantastic time.

    Having said that, I started with 6 golf balls and only lost 2, and can’t tell you what my score was and could not care less. Just a fantasttic golf experience!

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