PXG 0811X & 0811LX Driver Review

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The PXG 0811X and 0811LX drivers are fairly low spin, if you stay in the center of the face.  Hosel and weights combine to create a lot of adjustability.


To hear Bob Parson’s tell it, PXG’s drivers are longer, straighter, and more forgiving than anything else on the market.  They should be since they cost almost twice as much.  The problem is, and I’m probably losing readers by spoiling the ending, they’re not.


These two drivers have substantially different shapes at address.  The 0811X is very long from front to back with a slight reverse pear shape.  The 0811LX, seen above, is noticeably smaller with a round, nearly symmetrical shape.

Beyond the shape, they have a lot in common.  Both drivers feature a matte black crown and a subtle black alignment aid.  Their soles are black and silver with adjustable weights.

Sound & Feel

Both of these PXG drivers create the same sound at impact.  They’re very muted, producing a quiet, dull, thunk.  It’s a sound that a traditionalist may like, but it certainly doesn’t make me feel like shouting, “BOOM BABY” as they do in their commercials.

There’s virtually no audio feedback in either driver, but you will be able to locate your strike with feel once you’re familiar with them.


PXG bills the 0811X and 0811LX as their low spin drivers.  In my testing, I found them to be middle of the road in terms of spin, nowhere near the lowest spinning heads out there.  As I’ve said before, this isn’t a bad thing: at a certain point, dropping spin starts to cost you distance.

What I found troubling about these drivers is that the spin numbers bounced around quite a bit.  If I struck the ball well, the spin was in that middle/low spin range.  When I mishit one, particularly on the heel or low on the face, the spin shot way up.  Of course, every driver’s performance will change when you compare pure strikes to mishits, but the gap in performance here is larger than I would expect.

Both the X and LX drivers do feature a lot of adjustability.  Both have adjustable hosels that can tune the loft up or down one and half degrees.  Additionally, these heads have ten weight ports where you can insert plugs of 2 grams or 0.5 grams.  This is a very time-consuming adjustability mechanism, but it does allow for a lot of different configurations.  In the extreme positions – all the heavy weights forward vs. back – the weights do make a noticeable difference.

The primary difference between the 0811X and the 0811LX is that the LX is designed to be light weight.  The LX has a target head weight of 199 grams, 8 grams lighter than the X.  This allows for lighter swing weights with conventional builds or standard swing weights with other light weight components.


Both of PXG’s new drivers offer a lot of adjustability, but neither has the performance to justify the price.  They’re both reasonably forgiving with mid/low spin when struck well.  That description could fit half a dozen drivers that cost half as much.

PXG 0811X & 0811LX Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Joe sixpack

    Yep. Boom….

    Pretty refreshing to read a review that clearly wasn’t paid for.

  2. Excellent honest review again Matt. This equipment is way overpriced.

    • Scott Francis

      Equipment is overpriced? Depends on who youre talking to. You could get Gen1 irons for $150 a club since late last year. They perform better than most on the market.

  3. thanks for the info. I recent tried the TM M2 driver, did not hit it any further than my old driver ( TM SLDR which many of my friends laugh at me for still using Ebay price $49 ) . With the COR maxed out I think its harder to gain distance . Its the archer not the arrow. I like to buy my drivers on ebay and save money only after I find one I like and the price comes down. I think the driver arms race has cooled down a little bit that is why there is less money to be made in the golf biz.

    • Scott Francis

      But are they worth it at the Heroes price of $295 have to think so. Frankly no driver is worth $800 plus. And the LOUD Epic Flash SZ not worth $529 in my opinion.

  4. Very well written article. Good to read info like this that is not shill like for the product.

  5. Great review and thanks for the honest no-nonse review.

  6. Craig H. Schwartz

    Thanks for the honesty, Matt. I played with a guy yesterday who had a PXG and I was outdriving him with my old Ping I20 all day.

  7. Bill Vostinak

    Thanks for the entertainment, I so love honesty. PXG demo day at least offered me a ton of shafts to try about a month ago …

  8. Robbie Aguilar

    Would this driver be worth the price tag of $295 new? I get a discount because of the PXG Heroes program.
    Great article. Thank you!

  9. Matt, please keep up your equipment reviews. You tell it like it is which we all appreciate. So many reviews look as if they were written by someone on staff. Although the opinions are your own and some may not like them, we appreciate the honesty of someone who has given the product a fair trial.

  10. Dwight Niess

    I spoke with my son who works at ping golf(AZ.) On purchasing the new 410 driver, I’m playing the g400lst which I’m hitting very well my son told me just because it’s new is it really worth paying an extra 150-175bucks more for a driver that wouldn’t preform better?do the math yes I 👍 the honesty thanks for the input and homework

  11. Trevor Littleboy

    Good to read this as I was thinking of getting one not new of course can’t afford that, but Matt you say there are better drivers out there what would you recommend

    • Matt Saternus


      The PING G410 Plus and the Callaway Epic drivers are my top 3 this year. Meeker has been impressed with the Cobra F9.



  12. I demo’d the PXG 0811lx (used club) and the Callaway Mavrik (also used). Both were regular flex and 10.5 degree loft. Although I really wanted to hit the Mavrik better since I have the Mavrik 3-wood and irons, I found that the 0811 hit farther, straighter, and with less spin than the Mavrik. I was a bit bummed out (since I really like the Mavrik line), but found that the 0811lx clearly had better numbers, at least for me. Like someone stated earlier, perhaps it’s the archer and not the arrow.

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