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Power Plane is a training aid that teaches you to keep your head still during the swing.  A simple concept that’s very well executed.


“Keep your head still.”  Whether you’re watching a parent working with their child or a coach teaching a PGA Tour player, this simple bit of advice is everywhere.  Watch the popular golf coaches on Instagram, and you’ll see tons of them holding alignment sticks next to their players’ heads.

But how do you work on this key when you don’t have a coach to help?  You could set up a video camera, film your swing, and check the tape after each rep.  Or you could get Power Plane.

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Ease of Use & Setup

Power Plane takes only a minute to set up.  It automatically turns on when you open up the base unit by sliding each side out.  You attach a magnetic clip to your hat which holds the sensor above your left ear (for a RH player), and you’re ready to go.

The base unit has three buttons: Target, Mode, and Volume.  Target switches the device from right handed to left handed, and volume makes the alert louder.  The Mode button rotates through four settings: Swing, Pro Swing, Chipping, and Putting.  As you move from Swing to Putting, the margin for error in head movement shrinks.


The main thing that I like about Power Plane is that it gives you feedback that is otherwise very difficult to get. Moving your head around can be detrimental to your swing, but outside of setting up a video system or having an instructor with you, there’s no way to know if you’re doing it.  With Power Plane, you not only get the feedback, but you can customize the level of “difficulty” to match your ability.

I also like that the feedback happens in real time.  If you move your head during your takeaway, that’s when you’ll hear the beep.  This allows you to fix the problem immediately.

If I have a complaint about the Power Plane, it’s the “reset” time.  After each shot, you need hold your address position while the machine “locks in” that spot for you.  For players that like to look at the target and immediately pull the trigger, that delay can annoying.

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Power Plane checks two of the most important boxes when it comes to longevity: it’s small enough to live in your golf bag, and it allows you to work on your game anywhere.  Even if you don’t have room in your house to hit balls or swing a full-length club, you can use Power Plane and a short club to practice.  Additionally, having four different modes make Power Plane useful for players of all ability levels and for each facet of the game.

The one obvious negative is that Power Plane only works on one aspect of the swing.  There will be times when a steady head is not the focus of your practice, so Power Plane won’t get out of your bag.

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Power Plane retails for $189.  This is nearly double what we consider average for a training aid, but Power Plane is unique in what it does.  If you’re a coach, I think this is clearly worthwhile.  For the weekend golfer, the price may be a little high.

Power Plane does come with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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In a world of copycat training aids, Power Plane is genuinely different.  It provides feedback that is very hard to get otherwise but is very important to a good, consistent swing.  If you need to keep your head steady to improve your ball striking, Power Plane is worth the investment.

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  1. W Fred Edwards

    I looks and sounds like a very good aid, but it is too expensive for me!

  2. Very helpful review .. thanks!
    (Also like the concise format – good info without too much reading 😉)

  3. Too expensive. I envision an application whereby a couple of these can be set up at specific driving range stations where a hacker like me can rent same for $5 per half hour. Gadget would pay for itself in no time.

  4. Geoffrey Hyde

    great summery I live in Australia so power supply is important. Does it use batteries or need a power charger? This would need to be 240v compatible .

  5. Looks like a good training aid But maybe showing a slightly less exaggerated demonstration would be better

  6. Thomas forrest

    Ive become such a better player with the power plane and its so much cheaper than lessons if u use it correctly u will learn to keep ur head in the game. I think thats the name of the game rite.

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