Podcast Episode 208 – 2024 Golf Club Buyer’s Guide

It’s that time of year again: excitement around new gear is at its annual high as new clubs are being announced virtually every day.  In this episode, Matt helps you sort through the hype and big claims to make the best additions to your bag.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Thanks Matt for your insightful podcast. Your comment on the value of fitting got me thinking. I am now five months into my golf education, and currently use a hand-me-down Titleist 915 driver a friend gave me when he heard that I had started playing golf. I changed the shaft to a regular Aldila Rip’d 65 on the recommendation of my local pro shop but it was not fitted for me.
    My wife has offered a fiited driver as a birthday present and I am considering getting a more forgiving, more modern driver and am wondering if your advice to get fitted applies to someone like me whose swing is still in flux. Or do the flexible adjustment options on new drivers mean that any fitted purchase today would still provide value a couple of years down the road?
    Or just get the Titleist fitted for me as an interim next step as I continue my nascent golfing journey? Thoughts much appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would get fit now. No one would tell a new runner to run in shoes that didn’t fit; the same logic applies to golf. The only thing I would add is that you should tell your fitter that you’re new to the game and are looking to improve. With that information, they can give you some options and you can decide what makes sense for you.



  2. Thanks for the prompt, Matt. I’ll get down to the fitter and see how I fare, old Titleist versus new whatever.

  3. Hi Matt, just reporting back. I took your advice and got fitted for a driver. After my first swing, my fitter said my Titleist 915 with 65 gram shaft was too heavy for me. My shots were spread quite evenly across the Trackman fairway, mostly under 200 yards. I then sampled a TSR2 with a variety of shafts. The Accra iWood 4 at 49 grams gave me the hits with the least spread, but they were all comfortably past 220 yards. One hit I actually middled flew 237 yards – felt good for a golfer of five months vintage, with a circa 90mph swing speed. Was advised to run with the Accra shaft on my old driver while my swing matures, and then consider a new driver later. The wallet is lighter but my golfing heart is springing hope. Thanks for your input, Matt.

  4. Matt, Following the advice you gave me on the site comments to go and get fit, I did a driver fitting at Precision Golf, a local firm. If you don’t care about the results of the fitting, look away now. If you are curious what happens when a new golfer gets fitted, then press on, dear reader. The fitter’s immediate comment was that my Titleist 915 D2 driver with 65g shaft was too heavy for me, and affecting my swing in negative ways. Based on trials, I settled on an Accra IW4 shaft, and used it quite effectively on a TSR2 driver head, as well as my own 915 D2 hand-me-down driver. I had the new shaft fitted to my existing driver, and decided I will await the further benefit of a new driver head when I have made progress with my driving.

    I collected my 915 with the new shaft last week, and have just seen my average carry go up from 155 yards to 175 yards. I hit my longest drive ever – 241 yards total distance yesterday – and just cannot believe how consistent my driving has become from the spray painting I used to achieve across and all around the fairway.

    I did have a quick pause from the general glee when I noticed that the 7 iron I used for yesterday’s warmup is up to an average of 129 yards of carry, from a prior average of 115 yards. So perhaps some of my new-found distance is simply learning to strike the ball better. And narrowing the spread of my hits across the fairway is just straightforward good news.

    But I don’t think any of this detracts at all from the note of thanks due to you Matt for pushing me to get a fitting. Now if only you had any advice for me as to where I can send the invoice for the fitting and the shaft…

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