Podcast Episode 200 – Meet Andy Hayes & Questions for Listeners

It’s hard to believe this is the 200th episode of the Plugged In Golf Podcast.  Thank you to everyone who has listened, whether you’ve checked out every single episode or if this is your first one.

This episode features a short rant about pace of play and etiquette, a lot of questions for the listener to consider, and an introduction to the newest member of the Plugged In Golf staff, Andy Hayes.

Find Andy’s Post-Apocalyptic Golf lesson HERE

Andy relays advice from Tiger Woods HERE

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Download this episode HERE

The PluggedInGolf Podcast is sponsored by Shot Scope.

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  1. Scott Bartholomew

    When I’m ready I want to have you help me make the best decision I possibly can..

  2. Scott Bartholomew

    Where are you located and can I get my new clubs before I leave for home please let me know. Definitely want you to be able to build my clubs. It might be a month or two. I’m excited please let me know..

    • Matt Saternus


      I appreciate your faith in me, but I no longer work as a professional club fitter or builder. My advice is to work with your local Club Champion fitter. I know their training process very well, and I’m confident they produce some of the best fitters in the industry.



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