Podcast Episode 174 – The Rising Cost of Golf

A recent viral tweet about the green fees at TPC Sawgrass got Matt thinking about the rising cost of golf.  He explores this topic and offers some ideas about how it affects the game in this episode.

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  1. Matt,

    Great Podcast and appropriate. Golf is getting too expensive in all phases. You can argue the cause, but I see the game seriously contracting if things don’t change. I like your ideas about respectfully commenting on course pricing. I also think your idea for reduced fee times would be difficult to implement in a manner that wouldn’t lead to additional frustration.

    I think the PGA and its competitor need to take a hard look at themselves as well. They are all about money. How can they not expect that attitude to filter down through the game. It’s one of the reasons I almost exclusively watch the LPGA. The same level of focus on money hasn’t reached there yet, although I do expect that to change.

    Thanks for speaking up.

  2. interesting podcast. My wife and I play around 160 rounds a year, 60 in Florida and the rest back home in Montreal. Pre pandemic we use to be able to play (including discount from Golf now and others) for under $50 and this year we are usually over 60 for the same golf course. I know everything goes up but eventually people will get fed up with paying high prices and golf course will see attendance go down. High prices will not help promote and sustain golf. there has to be a better way than high prices

  3. Thanks Matt. I want to applaud you for conducting this important podcast. I am part of an organization that has been introducing golfers like you to some of the best and most prominent golf courses throughout the Texas Hill Country.

    Your message is spot on and timely. All of the courses and clubs that we have played have raised their rates. Some have raised their rates drastically. (doubled their rates) A lot of this is membership driven because they have maxed out their memberships. Everything at my club has increased in price. I share your concerns and my 40 years in sales and business experience tells me that this will end with a reduction in customer acceptance.

    Thanks again,


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