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Pliability App

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The Pliability app is a great way to improve your mobility and flexibility.  Programs for all types of goals.  Easy to use app.


Every golfer – leaving aside, perhaps, the youngest among us – has a couple chronic aches and pains.  And we know that some stretching or mobility work could ameliorate or even eliminate them, but nothing is as easy to ignore as stretching.  That’s where the Pliability App comes in.  With a huge array of targeted, easy-to-follow programs, it can help you make stretching a more regular part of your routine.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Getting started with the Pliability app is as easy as downloading the app and creating an account.  You can also sign up directly on their website.  Once you’ve created your account, you have full access to Pliability’s workouts on your phone (iOS or Android), PC, or Smart TV.

The app is very easy to navigate.  Your home screen shows your streaks and featured workouts.  Tapping the Explore button allows you to search through all the Routines and Paths.  Paths are series of workouts such a Golf Prehab, Golf Armor, and Knee Focus that target particular types of athletes or body parts.  You can also search by Duration, Body Part, and Movement.

Finally, the Pliability App connects with Apple Health and Whoop.  This integration takes just a few taps.


The first thing you should do with the Pliability app is take the Mobility Test.  This takes only a couple minutes, though you will need a friend or a tripod for your phone.  By performing a squat with your arms overhead, the app assesses you mobility in several key areas and recommends Paths and Routines.

From there, you can follow those recommendations, choose a Path that suits your goals, or just pick out a Routine that catches your eye.  Routines range from under ten minutes to over forty minutes, so you can always find something that works with your day.

The Pliability Routines require minimal equipment.  There is a Pliability Mat (more on this below), but it’s not required.  That said, I would recommend some kind of mat or a soft floor.  Some moves need a wall or a stick for balance, but they’re the exception more than the rule.

Something I really enjoyed in the Pliability App is the amount of variety.  I expected a lot of long, held poses, and those are certainly present.  There are also Routines that feature more active moves – squats, lunges, rotations.  When working through a Path, I never got bored by repetition.

Ultimately, I found the Pliability App to be very effective because it made me accountable to my mobility work while also making it enjoyable.  On my own, I’lll spend a couple minutes doing random stretches.  With the Pliability App, I’m spending at least ten minutes a day on programs designed to fix my areas of weakness and improve my performance at the activities I love to do.

Update: Since finishing the initial version of this review, a Golf Hub was added to the app.  This gives golfers an easy way to find the four golf Paths (Swing, Longevity, Prehab, and Armor), four warm-ups, and four cool downs.


The Pliability app is home to over 1,500 routines and over 500 hours of contents.  They’re adding new routines every single day, so you can always find new avenues to explore.  There’s also the mental reward of seeing your week fill up with completed dots as you do a workout each day.   Overall, I give the Pliability app a strong rating for longevity.


The Pliability app costs $17.95 per month or $179 for the year.  They offer discounted plans for military and first responders, and you can get a free 7 day trial to start.

If you compare the Pliability app to yoga or stretching classes, the value is exceptional.  In-person classes will cost at least $10 each and won’t be targeted to the exact things that you need.

One other element that I was able to check out was the Pliability Mat, which retails for $139.  This sounds expensive, but high quality yoga mats can reach this price, and the Pliability Mat is much, much thicker than any yoga mat (almost 1″, see above).  It measures 35″ x 72″, which is more than enough space to spread out, and the thick padding allows you to be comfortable in almost any position.  The mat is not required, but I have enjoyed using it.


If you’re ready to start taking better care of your body, downloading the Pliablity app is a great first step.  There are hundreds of routines to address any goal you could have, and it can all be done on your schedule, wherever you happen to be.

Download the Pliability App HERE

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  1. David de Pelham

    Being a long term golfer I feel you do not put enough emphasis on the older golfer. I am 76 years old and play approx 100 rounds a year. More emphasis should be made to help us older golfers prepare for the up coming season in Canada

  2. I really like the idea of the pliability app. It’s a great way to stay flexible and mobile while playing golf.

  3. This app and its routines remind me of the famous Bob Anderson book “Stretching” which at the time (1970’s ) was a novel if not groundbreaking book regarding the importance of remaining flexible, warming up and warming down, along with sports specific routines. Nice to have an app especially while forming new habits and routines – but not totally necessary.

  4. Their app is not great and can be found for free on YT. GOWOD is way better!

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