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The PING Ketsch Mid putter brings the Ketsch’s amazing forgiveness to those who prefer a smaller head and more traditional feel.

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Forgiveness is a word that most golfers associate with drivers and irons, but it’s equally important in putting.  While the mishits in putting tend to be small, so is the margin for error.  Though there are many putters with high MOI, most look like spaceships and feel totally alien to players who like traditional flat sticks.  The PING Ketsch Mid putter bridges the gap by combining impactful technology with a traditional feel.

PING Ketsch Mid Putter


While perhaps not small enough to qualify as a traditional mallet, the PING Ketsch Mid putter is substantially smaller than its big brother.  Side by side, the Ketsch appears almost twice as long as the Ketsch Mid from front to back.

Beyond the size, the Ketsch Mid has all the other hallmarks of the Ketsch: the triple alignment lines and the round shape with deep milled-out areas to push weight towards the perimeter.  As much as I liked the original Ketsch, I find myself even more drawn to this slimmed-down version.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the PING Ketsch Mid feels soft with excellent feedback.  The feel isn’t mushy soft, but it’s miles from firm or click-y unless you’re putting a range rock.  The soft feel is coupled with a pleasant “thock” on the sweet spot that gets a bit louder as you move toward the heel or toe.

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The first time I took the PING Ketsch Mid putter to the practice green, I felt like PING made it just for me.  When testing the original Ketsch, I was blown away by the forgiveness I got from the combination of PING’s True Roll face and the large, high MOI head.  I wanted desperately to put that putter in the bag, but the giant head put the weight so far from the face that I couldn’t adjust.  The Ketsch Mid retains the feel and balance of a traditional blade putter but still provides tremendous forgiveness.  For the first time in recent memory, there’s a real chance that I’ll be gaming a mallet regularly.

As with the original Ketsch, there is a version of the Ketsch Mid to fit each stroke.  First, there are Straight, Slight Arc, and Strong Arc models to suit your putting stroke.  You can be fit with PING’s iPING app if you’re not sure what your natural stroke is.  Additionally, there are Traditional and Heavy versions, weighing 350 and 375 grams, respectively.  PING recommends the Traditional version for mid-to-fast tempos and the Heavy version for slower tempos.  Finally, the Ketsch Mid is available in fixed length or an adjustable model (31″-38″) which is also counter balanced.

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For all those who game traditional putters but have entertained thoughts of switching to something with more forgiveness, this is your time.  The PING Ketsch Mid putter feels similar to a traditional blade putter but steps the forgiveness up to levels that you won’t believe.

Matt Saternus

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