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50 Words or Less

The PING G30 hybrid redefined my expectations about consistency in a hybrid.  Easy to hit, plenty long, and a great choice for all levels of golfers.


Calling PING’s G30 series a “game improvement” line may have been fair at one point in time, but it’s a concept that’s due to be retired.  With the G30 driver winning the FedEx Cup – and being the longest driver on tour – and plenty of G30 fairway woods and hybrids in play, it’s time to call the line what it is: clubs that offer incredible forgiveness and high-level performance.

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The look of the PING G30 hybrid borrows heavily from the i25.  There’s a thin black “top line” followed by a larger matte black crown.  This look has the effect of camouflaging some of the club’s bulk.

If you look at the G30 in different lofts, you’ll notice that the size of the club head does vary.  The club is slightly larger in the lower lofts and smaller in the higher lofts.

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Sound & Feel

The G30 hybrid is, in my opinion, the best-sounding PING hybrid yet, and it’s among the best by any maker.  The club sounds hot – there’s a nice metallic crack – but it avoids sounding brittle or hollow.

The feedback is excellent, especially for a club with so much forgiveness.  It’s easy to determine exactly where the ball hit the face, and the duller sound on mishits enhances that.

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“Man, I’m tired of the ball landing in the same place over and over”  -No one.  Ever.

As I said at the beginning, the word that defines the G30 hybrid is “consistency.”  Good swings, bad swings, pure strikes, and mishits all seem to end up in the same spot with very similar ball flight.  This is the club that people are talking about when they say, “Play hybrids, you’ll hit them better than your long irons.”

That unsurpassed forgiveness is what makes the G30 an excellent choice for high-handicap players, but there’s a precision engineering to these clubs that will help put them in the bags of skilled players as well.  Rather than just design one hybrid and increase or decrease the loft, each loft is engineered to produce optimal ball flight and distance through progressive offset and center of gravity.  That means the 17° has a lower CoG to help get the ball in the air, but the 30° has a higher, more forward CoG is control spin.  Bottom line: there’s no one-size-fits-all design here, each club is engineered to perform at the highest level. 

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Amateurs are often told that they need to ditch their long irons for hybrids in the pursuit of more consistency.  Some amateurs fight that theory, but the PING G30 hybrid may convince many of them to concede.  This is truly the most consistent hybrid I’ve ever tested, and I love the fact that each loft is engineered individually to an produce optimal ball flight.  If you’re ready to give up your long irons or upgrade your hybrids, the G30 hybrids should be among the first you try.

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  1. I have the G30 driver 3 wood and irons all great! Regular shaft

    The hybrids I tried 3 and 4 kept going left! very left I was trying to replace the taylormade stage 2 hybrids for better use in long shots to the green

    I bought a 5 wood and still undecided

    Would getting a stiff shaft 3 hybrid straighten the shots without losing distance

    I am a 15 handicap but trending lower

    Thank You

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s possible that a stiffer shaft could help. I wouldn’t say that it’s universally true (nothing is), but it’s worth checking out. It may be that the counter weighting works well for you in the driver and 3W, but is counterproductive in the hybrid. If that’s the case, you might try a different shaft altogether.



  2. Thank You Matt I am lucky to have Tom Spargo here in RI and he is ranked as one of the top 100 fitters so as soon as the weather cooperates I will have him look at my fairway wood performance and hybrid issue he did a great job with fitting my irons all G 30s

    thanks again

  3. Perry Maurer

    I’m a recent owner of the Ping H3 19 degree stiff flex and am slowly learning to consistently hit this club. On my most recent trip to the range (yesterday), I used this club and in doing so, discovered an issue. To my surprise, I discovered the circular device on the sole of the club unfastened and flew off. Probably about 200 balls hit since its January ’15 purchase. What is this circular insert apparatus called and is this a common occurrence with the hybrids?

  4. Perry Maurer

    And it is a G-30 hybrid; forgot to mention that helpful detail.

    • Matt Saternus

      It’s a weight. It shouldn’t come out, though it can be screwed out with the adjustment wrench. If you call PING, I’m sure they will take care of it for you.



  5. I can already tell that’s gonna be super helpluf.

  6. Father Time has finally caught up with me. Thinking of transitioning from my G25 hybrids R-Flex to G30’s SR-Flex (2h – 6h). Aside from the shaft flex, what, if any, differences could I expect?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have enough experience with the G25 hybrid to say definitively, but I would expect that the difference between the two models is minimal.



  7. Tried these and wow! This review is spot on! Very easy to hit, consistent distance, great feel. Other than always going in the hole I’m not sure what else you could ask for.

  8. Does this hybrid take an adapter or does it go directly on the shaft?

  9. Price Brown

    Just added a G30 Ping 526 to my bag . I tee off with a G400 Driver and on pars 4 & 5 and use my G400 3wood to get me there or set me up for a Iron . There are times i wind up off the fairway after my drive . Question is, will this 526 pick up the distance from the ruff that my 3wood would gain from the fairway ? also do i sweep with the 526 as my 3wood or do i hit down as my irons ? hitting it this Friday for the first time . Thank you a Senior golfer who needs all the help !

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure what “526” refers to. If that’s a PING model, I’m not familiar with it.
      Generally, hybrids are designed to be hit more like irons than fairway woods.



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