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OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 RTC Stand Bag Review

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The OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 RTC stand bag is perfect for the riding golfer who wants more stability when their bag is off the cart.  Unbelievable amounts of storage.  Extremely durable construction.


One of the premier products in OGIO’s recent launch is the Alpha Convoy 514 RTC golf bag.  That’s a mouthful, but the acronym is the key to understanding what this bag does.  RTC stands for “Range to Cart.”  Essentially, it has legs to give you stability on the range before you strap it to the cart for the round.  If that sounds like the way you golf, read on.


OGIO kept the design of the Alpha Convey 514 RTC simple.  The bag comes in five colors – red, black, orange, olive, and blue – and with the exception of the white OGIO branding and some black trim, it’s monochromatic.  The fashion forward among us may want something bolder, but there’s a lot to be said for a bag that won’t look dated in a year or two.

I also want to mention what this bag is made out of: CORDURA Eco Fabric.  This is a super durable polyester that’s made from recycled plastic.  This bag is helping to protect the environment, which is always fashionable.


The Alpha Convoy 514 RTC passes my first test for a great cart bag: it has 14 full length dividers.  I don’t mind a little club wrestling with my Sunday bag, but when I have a big bag, I want my clubs to slide in and out effortlessly, as they do with this OGIO.  It also has an extra-large opening for the putter to accommodate extra-large grips.

One unique feature is the Convoy MOD Storage System.  OGIO offers hard and soft sided MOD pouches that can be attached to the MOD webbing on either side of this or other Convoy bag.  At first, I wasn’t sure of the golf applications for this system, but then I realized there are many.  If you want to leave your bag outside, but want to keep your valuables with you, the MOD pods are ideal.  They’re also great for storing a GPS that needs to be charged after each round.

Another interesting feature, perfectly designed for the rider, is the sleeve for storing the shoulder strap.  If you’ve ever attached a golf bag to a cart, you’ve experienced having to shove the strap out of the way to access the pockets.  With the Alpha Convoy 514 RTC, you can unclip the lower attachments of the shoulder strap and slide it into a sleeve so that it’s out of the way during the round.  This is a clever feature that’s perfectly executed.


The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Alpha Convoy 514 RTC stand bag is that it feels like it’s built for the long haul.  From the CORDURA Eco fabric to the YKK zippers to the aluminum legs, everything about this bag is rock solid.  That does mean the bag is a little heavy – 6.8 pounds – but for a cart bag that’s a good trade.

Part of that solid feel comes from the handles, of which there are three molded into the top, plus one under the shoulder strap.  Having multiple handles on the top is one of those features that you may not think about when you buy a bag, but it impacts your experience every round.

Finally, the Alpha Convoy 514 RTC has enough storage to satisfy the biggest on-course hoarder.  The picture above shows how insignificant a dozen balls look the cavernous ball pocket.  I was able to fit a total of three dozen balls in there comfortably.


Too often, golf products try to be all things to all people.  The OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 RTC golf bag does the opposite.  This bag has one targeted golfer type, and it does everything that player wants.  For the riding golfer who likes a bag that can stand on its own, the Alpha Convoy 514 RTC is very hard to beat.

Buy OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 RTC Golf Bag HERE

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  1. Great review. How about its fit into push carts? My game revolves around range sessions, 9 holes by pushcart, and 18 hole,rounds in carts on the weekend.

  2. Thanks – used to like the Nike Hybrid bag. Does this let you set up with driver by the legs, vs front by handle like all other stand bags? Image of a loaded bag would be appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      You can set the clubs however you want, but putting the driver further from the legs definitely makes more sense to me.



  3. And what about the occasional carry? Does it support the backpack style strap?

  4. Does it have an area to keep a few drinks cool? If so, how big?

  5. I just caught this review like a couple others… i wonder… did any of you guys (reviewing) it actually PUT it ON a golf cart?? It doesnt fit!! The stand mechanism protruding + size of it being an actual CART bag make it nearly impossible to sit properly with pockets facing out on couple different driving carts ive tried around here in PNW. Super frustrating- stupid oversight by Ogio.

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