Nike Vapor Flex Hybrid Review

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The Nike Vapor Flex hybrid combines adjustability and great looks with plenty of forgiveness. An excellent choice for any level of player.


It’s easy to make a club for a “hack” – give it tons of offset and forgiveness.  It’s easy to make a club for a “player” – make it beautiful and sweet feeling and forget about forgiveness.  The trick is in making a club that golfers of different ability levels can all enjoy.  Nike pulled off just that feat with the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid.  This is one of the rare clubs that you’ll see being played by both aspiring and accomplished golfers.

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From any angle, the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid is one of my favorite looking hybrids of 2015.  At address, the size of the club is perfect – big enough to instill confidence, small enough that you feel like you can hit a precise shot.  You’ll also notice that there’s a ribbon of matte black along the front edge of the crown.  This contrast with the gloss black crown makes it easy to aim, but it’s subtle enough that it isn’t distracting.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Nike has left behind the red crowns of the Covert line for traditional black, though the swoosh on the crown is still there.

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Sound & Feel

Players who prefer their hybrids on the quiet side will love the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid.  At impact, there’s a soft, crisp click and nothing more.  It’s one of the most iron-like hybrid sounds I’ve experienced in a long time.

Feedback from this club is excellent.  It’s easy to determine exactly the kind of strike you had through feel.

Finally, this is one of the weightier hybrids that I’ve hit this year…and that’s a good thing.  With its 80 gram Diamana S+ shaft, there’s ample weight in the hands and mid-section of the shaft, but the head is still heavy enough that you won’t lose track of it during your swing.  This club certainly isn’t too heavy to hit far, but it’s got enough weight that you feel like you can control it and hit precise shots.

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The secret to the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid’s great performance isn’t too surprising, it’s simply well-executed fundamentals.  For me, that starts with a superior stock shaft.  As I mentioned, the stock Diamana S+ weighs 80 grams which provides a good balance between distance and control.  Additionally, it’s a shaft that can handle stronger swings without throwing every shot into left field.

This club also features the three major technologies that Nike has been using over the last few generation to provide forgiveness – Covert Cavity Back, Flybeam construction, and a compression channel.  Together, these pieces keep the ball speed high, even on mishits, and they make it extremely easy to get the ball airborne.  Better players will enjoy the fact that the launch and spin are both fairly average, allowing the player to control trajectory and shot shape more easily.  Further control of the trajectory and shot shape is available through the hosel adjustments 5 different lofts and 3 different face angles.

The cherry on the top of all this is that Nike is making their custom options more accessible than ever through their website.  While we always encourage a thorough, in-person club fitting with a qualified fitter, those without access to such a fitter can still get the shaft and grip of their choice direct from Nike.

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Many golfers find themselves stuck between buying clubs that they’re afraid of “out-growing” and others that they “aren’t good enough for.”  If you’re in that middle ground, take a good look at the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid.  This club has the forgiveness that every golfer sometimes needs, but it has the adjustability, look, and feel of a better player’s stick.

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