Morsh Golf 2 Wood Review

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The Morsh Golf 2 Wood is essentially a small-headed driver.  Potentially worth a look for those struggling with slices.


Over the last few years, we’ve seen numerous unconventional long game clubs: the mini driver fad, high lofted drivers, bigger fairway woods.  Morsh Golf proposes another alternative: the 2 Wood.  At 190cc, it’s less than half the size of modern drivers but with only 10 degrees of loft.


At address, the Morsh Golf 2 wood looks like a deep faced 3W.  The gloss black crown features a gold alignment aid which matches the shaft.  Finally, it’s worth noting that the face is significantly closed.

Sound & Feel

At impact, the Morsh Golf 2 wood is very quiet.  The sound is old school with only a slight metallic quality to it.

Feedback is good – you will certainly know when you miss the center.  Unfortunately you’ll also feel the club head twist when you hit the heel or toe.


As I mentioned above, the club face of the Morsh 2 Wood is substantially closed.  Combine that with a shaft that is both tip soft and high torque and you have the recipe for a club that wants to go left.  Put that club in the hands of a player whose miss goes left and you have real trouble.  Such was my relationship with the Morsh 2 Wood.  I spent a substantial amount of time working with it to produce the numbers above, and they’re still not great.  Bottom line: if you’re a slicer, you may like this.  Everyone else should look elsewhere.

I would leave it at that, but I feel compelled to deal with some of the claims that Morsh makes on their website.  They state that you will “be more accurate from the tee” and “have better control” with their 2W compared to your driver.  I don’t see any basis for these claims.  The 2W is much less forgiving than a modern 460 cc driver, and the loft is in the same range.

Morsh also claims that you will “maximize your distance from the fairway,” but the vast majority of players need more loft to hit it further, not less.  You can see in my data that despite slightly above average club head speed, I am nowhere near optimal because of the single digit launch angle.


Please don’t get the impression that I hate the Morsh Golf 2 Wood.  I don’t.  What I hate are overly broad, infomercial-style claims about the performance of a niche product.

If you struggle with the driver and tend to hit big slices, it might be worth giving the 2W a trial.  Morsh Golf sells the 2W for $200 with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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  1. Great article. I’m pretty new to the sport and I own a Morsh 2 wood and its helped my drive. You do lose distance but might drives are a lot more accurate.

  2. It is a verifiable truism in golf that you will “be more accurate from the tee” and “have better control” with a shorter club (shaft length).

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