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The MNML golf bag is loaded with unique features like a built-in phone charger, solar panel, speaker, and phone stand for shooting swing videos.  Solid construction.  Sleek look.


My introduction to MNML Golf was a complete fluke.  While stranded in LA by airline delays, I decided to go for a walk by the beach.  That aimless stroll led me to the MNML Golf store, which led me to their Instagram page where I connected with the company’s founder, Sam Goulden.  After seeing their bag in person at the 2020 PGA Show, where it was named one of the most exciting new products, I knew I had to bring one in for review.


The stealthy, sleek look of the MNML golf bag starts with the material.  It has a slight sheen to it, and it stands out in a world of nylon and flashy colors.  A minimalist approach to branding also keeps the bag from looking like the billboards that many golfers carry.

One thing that furthers streamlines the appearance is the lack of zippers.  The pockets close with magnets, eliminating the visual distraction of the zipper pull.  The included speaker is the one element that stands out, but you can remove that if you want to go full stealth mode.

The MNML golf bag is also available in white.


This is the category where the MNML golf bag belies its name.  Rather than take a truly minimalist approach, this bag is loaded with unique features designed for the modern golfer.

As you can see above, the MNML golf bag comes with a speaker that charges through the built in solar panel.  The controls are fairly intuitive, it pairs quickly, and the sound is as good as most portable speakers I’ve heard.

You can also charge your phone with the solar panel and the retractable charging cable.  The solar panel works perfectly, and the retractable cord is a touch of genius.

For the player that likes to film their swing, the “Phone Holder Filming Pocket” (above) is a fantastic feature.  Instead of balancing your phone on a bag stand or carrying around a tripod, you can slide it right into this pocket to see your swing.

Finally, the MNML golf bag has a thermal pocket which can hold six 12 oz cans.  Does the true minimalist carry around a six pack on the course?  Maybe not, but it will make your next charity scramble a lot more tolerable.


All the fun features aren’t worth much if the bag isn’t good on the course, so I took it out for a couple early season walks to test it.  One thing that stood out was the quality of the base and legs.  The legs pop out easily and create a firm footing for the bag.  The base is shape so that it has a solid footprint whether it’s standing up or leaning over, and the leg mechanism is incorporated into the base for strength.

The MNML golf bag has a 4-way top with two full-length dividers.  Getting clubs in and out is easy as is keeping your sticks organized.

Thanks to its versatile straps, carrying the MNML golf bag is a pleasure.  The straps are very wide and well padded which makes them sit comfortably on your shoulders.  Also, the arrangement of the straps allows you to carry the bag on one shoulder or two without issue.

The one hit-and-miss area for me is the pockets.  I really like the magnetic closure on the two side pockets.  There’s a small pull tab to open them and the pockets are plenty big.  The pocket under the solar panel, however, is either undersized or would be better with a zipper.  Because the pocket opens all at once, I was hesitant to put much into it for fear that it would spill out.  To be clear, the magnets are very strong and will hold each pocket closed, but the front pocket just lacks depth.


The term “disruptive” gets thrown around way too casually, but it’s accurate to apply it to the MNML golf bag.  This is a well-made bag that has numerous innovative features, any one of which another bag company would build an entire line around.  Whether you’re a swing video junkie, a music lover, or a social media addict, the MNML golf bag is worth checking out.

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  1. Always enjoy your reviews, Matt. I am curious, though. After reading your review and visiting MNML’s website, very little is written our boasted about the weight of the bag. Presumably it is lightweight or you would have mentioned it, but generally speaking, would you say this bag compares favorably to products from Sun, Stitch, Jones, or Mackenzie? Or does this serve a different market? To be honest, I don’t fit the demographic that needs social media or “connectivity” on a golf course — that’s where I go to escape that stuff, LOL! Thanks, Steve.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s an average to light weight for a stand bag, heavier than a Sunday bag like a MacKenzie. I don’t see this being comparable to the bags you mentioned, except for Sun Mountain, because of all the features. The other bags are more truly minimalist bags.



  2. You had me at 6 pack. I need one.

  3. Hi, MNML golf bag sounds ideal, great weight and numerous features. Especially the phone charger which will come in very handy. Great Review Thanks

  4. Brian Martin

    How many clubs can you get in that rig? my guess is a tight 12.

  5. CarterDog350

    Hi Matt:
    I have the MNML bag in white.
    Clean, sophisticated and hands down, one of the best bags in the market. And, it’s a workhorse.
    The crew @ MNML crushed it with this bag!

  6. I ordered the bag and was very disappointed. The bag began to tear after about 6 rounds and the “solar panel” takes forever to charge. It sounds like a great concept, but you are WAY better off just choosing a bag you like and attaching a portable charger or power bank to the bag. You will end up with a more durable bag and power pack that actually works. I did email the owner to inquire about a refund and they declined. They did say they were coming out with an upgrade option in 2021.

  7. Thank you for all the reviews. I have been looking for a new rangefinder for quite a while now. But couldn’t make up my mind on what should I buy. I love the post because it says what to look for when buying a rangefinder rather than saying random brand names. Now, this kind of post is really helpful. Thank you so much for writing this post.

  8. Bag looks great but, are there any pockets that would hold a rain suit or a sweater?

    • Matt Saternus


      This bag doesn’t have the full length pocket that most stand bags do, but you could fit a small jacket or sweater in one of the side pockets.


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