Miura KM-008 Putter Review

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5o Words or Less

The Miura KM-008 putter takes a classic head shape and updates it with modern weight.  Superbly crafted.  Unbelievable feel.

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There are not a lot of companies that can make the release of a traditional putter feel like a big deal, but Miura is certainly one of them.  When they announced the Miura KM-008 putter, putter aficionados and fans of the Miura brand knew that this wouldn’t be a rerun but rather a club that would stand on its own merit.



Obviously, the design of the Miura KM-008 putter pays homage to one of the most classic designs in the game – the heel-shafted blade.  Where Miura adds their own flavor is with the proportions.  From heel to toe, this putter is a little shorter than other blades.  You’ll also notice that the top line is substantially thicker, and the fairly thick flange is the same width across the putter.

As you would expect from Miura, the overall impression here is clean and understated.  The only engraving is on the sole, and it’s very minimal.  From address and even from a rear view, this putter is all business.

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Sound & Feel

I fell in love with the feel of this putter from the very first putt I rolled in my office.  The Miura KM-008 putter is soft without being mushy and crisp without being harsh or loud.  It also has something many putters lack – a very solid feel at impact.  Simply put, this is on a very short list as one of the best feeling putters I’ve ever used.

As you would expect from Miura, the feedback from this putter is precise.  Though its smaller head size does give it a bit of the “the whole putter is one big sweet spot” feeling, you can instantly tell pure strikes from ones that are merely good.

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As I mentioned earlier, the thicker dimensions are what sets the Miura KM-008 putter apart from other versions of this classic design.  With those thicker dimensions comes a higher weight – a very modern 350 grams.  In this small package, the putter feels even a bit heavier than that.  This additional weight will be very comfortable for the player used to modern putters that quiet the hands more.

I found that this head shape combined with the heavier weight made for a putter that performs beautifully on the greens.  On short putts – the 4-foot knee-knockers for par – the heavy weight keeps everything smooth and raps the ball into the hole with authority.  For long putts, the weight removes the possibility of trying to “give it a little extra” at the last second and also kept me from feeling like I had to slam the ball to get it to the hole.

Overall, the heavier weight and superior craftsmanship of this putter make this traditional head shape accessible to a range of players who might not otherwise consider it.

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For players seeking the purest feel and beautiful, traditional looks, the Miura KM-008 putter is a home run.  This is classic Miura from the feel to the aesthetics to the superior performance.

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  1. I’ve been a long time and faithful Scotty Cameron putterererer … and have a Scotty Fastback 1.5, and then went to the ’97 Napa. I recently ran across the Miura Putters and fell in love with the 008 … I don’t even have the words to explain how smooth and solid this putter is. It has a slight “toe flow” but those who require a more straight back and thru stroke, you can do it and do it easily. Solid feel, excellent feedback, balanced and perfect sound! And if you’re not into making 4-6 footers with confidence 4 out of 5 times, well, it’s a damn good looking putter to say the least!

  2. Hi people
    Has anyone ever come across a set of irons that have the words
    on the back of each iron? I am starting to think they must be a
    Counterfeit product because no one seems to have heard of them
    and the name “KATUHIRO” is missing the letter S. Should read as
    KATSUHIRO. Hoping someone can shed some light on this before
    I waste my money.

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