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Miura delivers not only exceptional feel and perfect looks, but also a sole grind that truly matters.  The K-Grind offers added versatility off of every lie on the course.

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Among those who live and breathe golf equipment, Miura is synonymous with the highest quality forged clubs in the world.  Golfers of all abilities rave over the sweet feeling, and tour players forego their “pay to play” checks to put Miura in their bag.

Today’s review focuses on Miura’s K-Grind Wedge, a wedge with a unique “fluted” sole designed to improve turf interaction.

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Around the green, confidence is everything, and that confidence is rooted in a wedge that looks great at address.  For me, the Miura K-Grind Wedge hits all the right notes.  The hosel blends seamlessly into the leading edge without any balky offset or distracting notches.  The leading edge and toe are square without being boxy.  This wedge tells the player that they have the right tool for the job, they’re only limited by their ability.

Even beyond the head, Miura puts a ton of pride into the appearance of the club.  This club was shafted with a black chrome KBS shaft that turned lots of heads on the course.  The ferrule was as perfectly turned as could be.  A Miura-branded Pure grip and Miura headcover rounded the first class presentation of this club.

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Sound & Feel

If you know Miura, you probably know what’s going to be said here.  Feel free to skip to Performance.  You won’t hurt my feelings, promise.

If you don’t know Miura, you don’t know how good a forged golf club can feel.  I’ve never hit a Miura club that didn’t make me want to take another swing, and the K-Grind Wedge is no exception.  We can start with how incredibly soft it is: this wedge and the words “harsh” or “hard” don’t even reside on the same planet.

But lots of companies can make a wedge feel soft.  What separates a Miura is the level of feedback and responsiveness that comes with it.  The feedback here goes beyond whether or not you hit the sweet spot: you know EXACTLY where you hit the ball on the face.  This kind of feedback is invaluable for helping players of all abilities to improve.

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If I’m being honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of the K-Grind Wedge.  The sole is so perfectly scalloped I questioned how it could be hand-done, but does it make a difference on the course?  Short answer: yeah, yeah it does.

I first took the K-Grind to a short game practice area and put it side by side with my current gamer.  I started by hitting some low chips and pitches, which the K-Grind handled beautifully.  I felt that there was enough bounce that I could attack the shots without fear of lodging the club in the turf.  Then I moved to hitting higher pitches, shots that historically are not my strength, and the K-Grind showed me what it’s all about.  The scallops on the sole allowed the club to move effortlessly through the turf so that I could use the bounce to hit high, soft pitches without fear of the club getting tangled or slowed down in the grass.

The benefits of the K-Grind are even more noticeable in the sand.  The fluted sole allows the club to smoothly pass through the sand without getting stuck.  For anyone that struggles to get out of the bunker, the K-Grind Wedge is a must have.

You hear the word “versatility” thrown around a lot, but the Miura K-Grind Wedge is a club that will truly add shots to your short game arsenal.  Whether the lie is thick or thin, the K-Grind allows a skilled player to use the entire sole and hit shots of all trajectories.

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The Miura K-Grind Wedge isn’t just a pretty face.  Yes, it’s beautiful, and yes, it feels better than any other wedge you can buy, but the real story is in the sole.  The K-Grind Wedge gives the golfer more options off of more lies than any other wedge I’ve ever played.

Price, Specs, and Manufacturer Notes

The Miura K-Grind Wedge carries a suggested retail price of $275.

It is available in lofts of 52, 56, and 60 degrees through authorized Miura dealers and fitters.

The K-Grind Wedge: The wedge with the distinctive fluted sole has reinvigorated thousands of short games and provided confident, high-spin exits from countless bunkers.  Available now from Miura dealers are 52- and 60-degree K-Grinds in addition to the original 56.

The 52-degree K-Grind features a bounce of 7 degrees and the 60-degree has a bounce of 13 degrees. The original K-Grind in the 56-degree loft has a bounce of 12 degrees.

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  1. I play the 56 and 60 K Grind, and also have Edel Wedges. I first purchased the 56 K to help in bunkers as Edel cut off its high bounce quickly with relief – I tended to dig the leading edge. As my game has improved, I’ve stuck with the K Grind. Around the greens, the 56 is phenomenal – great feel and spin control around the greens and excellent on pitches. I pair it with a Nippon Pro Modus 3. I picked up the 60 K and we are still getting to know one another – it’s excellent in the bunkers and I’ve hit it well and high off tight lies, which surprised me. The 56K is gold but I’m still going between the Edel 59 Trapper and 60K. I want to use the Miura because of its great precision and feel. Check them out.

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