Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Grip Review

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The Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid golf grip is ideal for the player who wants more traction in their grip but doesn’t want the harsh feel of most cord grips.


Like many things, choosing grips is a balancing act.  Most people want something that feels good, but that needs to be paired with strong traction.  Lamkin’s latest offering, the ST+2 Hybrid strikes an excellent balance by toning down the feel of cord without losing all the grip.


The Lamkin ST+ 2 Hybrid has different colors for the upper and lower sections of the grip, similar to the Golf Pride MCC.  As with many of Lamkin’s recent grips, the most interesting part of the look is the tread pattern.  There’s a deep, diamond-like pattern that spans across the entire grip and begs you to pick it up to see what it feels like.


Based on the look, I expected that the upper and lower portions of this grip would feel entirely unique, but the difference is more subtle.  At first touch, the entire grip feels medium-firm with just a little give.

Further exploration reveals that there’s more cushioning in the lower hand and a firmer feeling in the upper.  Additionally, the upper has “Infused Cord” which is a very subtle cord.  It’s enough to be noticeable but not so much that it’s hard on your hands.

The ST+2 Hybrid is made of Lamkin’s Smooth Tack Genesis Material which gives it just a touch of tack.  I’m not a fan of very tacky grips, but I like the barely-noticeable amount on the ST+2 Hybrid.


When I picked up the ST+2 Hybrid, I had twin reactions: “This is familiar, I can play this” and “This is noticeably different than my gamer.”  As a longtime MCC player, I think I’m exactly who Lamkin is targeting with the ST+2 Hybrid, and I think my reaction is what they are hoping for.  The ST+2 has the cord/no-cord split that I like but it’s much softer than a MCC.

Taking the ST+2 Hybrid to the range, I was impressed with the performance.  The cord is more subtle than on an MCC, but there’s enough to enhance the grip.  In the lower portion, the softer feel is a nice reminder to grip the club lightly, especially on touch shots.

The one area where I found the subtle cord problematic was when it got really wet.  If the ST+2 Hybrid was a little damp, it was fine.  When I soaked it, the grip didn’t feel significantly different than a plain rubber grip.

It’s also worth noting that the ST+2 uses Lamkin’s reduced taper design.  This means that the lower portion of the grip is built up to create more even grip pressure.  As someone who has always built up the lower portion of his grips, I like this design as it makes grip installation quicker and easier.

The Lamkin ST+ 2 Hybrid Calibrate grip is available in both standard and midsize.  Each grip weighs 53 and 57 grams, respectively.


The Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid grip is one of the first grips in recent memory that has me thinking about making a change.  Particularly in good weather, giving up a little traction for softer feel seems like a good trade.  If you value a strong grip but want something easier on your hands, this is the perfect grip for you.

Matt Saternus


  1. Jeff Houglum

    Great review Matt. These have been on my radar, so I appreciate the review. I’ll probably stick with my MCCs this summer; but next time I re-grip I’ll have to check them out.

  2. Scott Kefalas

    I am certainly intrigued. I have always preferred Lamkin grips to others for a number of reasons. Typically play either UTx or Z5, or a combination of the two, so I will definitively be trying these eventually. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Randy Siedschlag

    So would these not be good to play if you play in the rain or moist conditions? I play the sonar + midsize but they tear up my hands at times.

    • Matt Saternus


      As I said in the review, they’re fine if it’s damp but if it’s really raining, there are grips that will give you more traction. That said, if the Sonar is tearing up your hands, I don’t think any kind of cord grip will be better for you.


  4. I sweat a lot in the warmer months, which in Texas is like mid-March to early November. I have had these grips on all of my clubs since July of last year, and in that time, I’ve played almost 100 9 or 18 hole rounds, which quite a few practice sessions a month. My first couple of grips are just starting to see some wear on my driver and my lob wedge, which get used the most in round and in practice. Compared to the MCC grips I had before that would never have lasted 6 months under those conditions, these are definitely a good choice for anyone who does like that setup.

  5. I game these since last season and have no complaints, I moved up to thicker midsize grips due to some hand pains and these have helped tremendously compared to previous standard +2 tape grips and I love the mix of the cord and softer lower part of the grip.

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