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Though the brand’s roots are in tennis, Lacoste apparel performs well on the links, too.

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While many people may think of the little green alligator as a symbol of popped-collar preppy-ness, the truth is that the brand was founded in sport.  Rene Lacoste, “the alligator,” was not only a 10-time major champion in tennis, he also founded the iconic clothing brand around a shirt that was more breathable, flexible, and lightweight…in 1933!  To say that he was ahead of his time would be a substantial understatement.  Today, Lacoste continues delivering high quality garments to the worlds of tennis and golf.

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I had very limited expectations of Lacoste’s golf apparel from a performance standpoint, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how good it is on the course.

The shirt pictured here is the Sport Ultra Dry, and it lives up to that name.  Despite marching around in Orlando carrying cameras and clubs, I stayed dry all day.  Dry by itself, however, is not a feat.  What’s impressive is that this shirt kept me dry without being stinky or feeling scratchy.  While not the softest shirt I own, I was perfectly comfortable wearing it from sun up to long past sun down.

Lacoste’s Technical Gabardine Golf Pants are even more impressive.  These check all the boxes for me: they feel good on my skin, they’re light, they breathe, and they have a little stretch.  It’s not a comical amount of stretch like I’ve experienced in other pants, just enough to move with you in the golf swing or when picking a tee out of the ground.

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Style & Fit

Though the garments shown here are quite staid, Lacoste’s golf collection does have more adventurous pieces.  They stop well short of neons and wild prints, but there is a quality selection of bold, classic colors, stripes, and plaids.

I found the fit of both pieces here to be perfectly true to size.  Importantly for me, the leg of the pants, while not baggy, are not cut for people who walk on stilts.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to the “regular” golf brands, I’d recommend giving Lacoste a try.  They have styles ranging from bold to subdued, and the performance will exceed your expectations.

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  1. Great review! Lacoste Golf Apparel is definitely worth trying out for its stylish design and comfortable fit.

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