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Kikkor follows a familiar formula, industry-leading design and amazing comfort, to create another fantastic shoe.  Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to have the coolest shoes on the course.

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For the past three seasons, Kikkor shoes have been a major part of my golf shoe rotation.  I started with the Dress Sneaker, played in the Tour Athlete last year, and this year, it’s the Player Shoe.  Since I capital-L Loved my last two pairs of Kikkors, the Players Shoe has some…well…big shoes to fill.

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Kikkors have never disappointed me when it comes to comfort.  In fact, they’ve made me an absolute snob about golf shoes: I have no patience for “break in periods.”  If a shoe isn’t comfortable out of the box, I’m not interested.  The Player Shoe lives up to the tradition of Kikkor comfort.  There’s adequate support and cushioning, it’s not overly heavy, it’s just plain comfortable.

As a bonus, Kikkor includes two sets of insoles with every pair of shoes.  One pair is meant to accommodate golfers with wider feet.  I haven’t needed the extra insoles, but those who have used them have spoken favorably of them.

Bottom line: with the sole exception of True Linkswear, no other company puts out shoes that are as consistently comfortable as Kikkor.

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This is the category where Kikkor is truly in a class of their own: Kikkor has more fresh designs in a year than other companies have in their entire archives.  From skate shoes to slip ons to high tops, Kikkor draws on inspiration from everywhere.  And lest you think that they only make shoes for kids, check out the saddle shoes I’m reviewing here or the Pure , Kikkor’s take on the wing tip.  These shoes are all class plus a lot of awesome.  No matter who you are, you can find a Kikkor that fits your personal style…and makes it a little better.

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Whether they’re employing the Diacon sole (pictured above) or the VEKTRboard sole (seen here on the Tour Class) Kikkor shoes offer some of the best traction you can find in a spikeless shoe.  In my opinion, no spikeless shoe offers quite the same grip as a traditional rubber spike, nor will they have the longevity since the spikes can’t be replaced.  That said, I’ve found that a pair of Kikkors can be expected to last at least one full golf season and are the closest thing, in terms of traction, to a spiked shoe.

I had the good fortune to avoid downpours in my Player Shoe, but I did walk through some heavy dew and found the waterproofing to be very satisfactory.

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Price & Manufacturer Notes

Kikkor sells the Players Shoe for $99 in sizes 7 through 14.  It features:

1 year limited waterproof warranty
// Full grain leather upper
// Kikkor’s Diacon Embedded Spike System™ (DESS™)
// PU comfort insole (2 sets for neutral or wide fit)
// Two sets of laces, black and white

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As much as I want to broaden my shoe horizons, I find it hard to turn away from the shoes that get the most compliments and keep my feet happy.  Moreover, the price is right.  Kikkor continues to do a great job of offering a really high quality shoe at a price that makes sense for almost any golfer.  If you want to get more than a beer from the cart girl, get yourself a pair of Kikkors.

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