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Grip4orce can make you stronger without any additional time commitment, fancy diet plan, or expensive equipment.  Sound like a sales pitch?  Maybe, but it’s also 100% true.  That’s why Grip4orce is being featured in this edition of Training Aids That Work.

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What Problems Does It Address

  • Not hitting the ball far enough
  • Hand and wrist injuries
  • Being weak
  • Getting ripped on by your friends for having the forearms of a 4th grade girl

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How Does It Work

Grip4orce is a grip trainer that can be used as a standalone device or in conjunction with any kind of weight training.

By itself, repeatedly squeeze down on Grip4orce until you’re forearms turn blue (that’s a joke, stop before your forearms turn blue).

With weights, simply place Grip4orce around the handle/rope/bar and squeeze down to “close” it before you pick up the weight.

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Why Grip4orce is Plugged In Golf Approved

I’m aware the description of Grip4orce isn’t exactly exciting, but that doesn’t matter.  Why?  BECAUSE IT WORKS.  No one who has tried my Grip4orce has been anything less than shocked by the burn that it provides and everyone wants them.

Personally, I have two sets of Grip4orce: a pair for the weight room, one in the car, and one in the office.  When I’m sitting in traffic or reading the internet, I’m getting stronger.  When I’m lifting weights, I get an amazing forearm workout without spending any more time in the gym.  The ease of use and convenience is fantastic.

Finally, though price is not a major concern for Training Aids That Work, Grip4orce is an awesome value.  At $40 per pair, they cost less than a box of nutrition bars and they’ll last forever.  This is not some piece of junk stress ball or $5 spring-loaded “grip trainer;” this is a real piece of equipment that will help you get stronger.

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If you lift weights, you should own Grip4orce.  If you sit at a desk, watch TV, or ride in a car, you should own Grip4orce.  If you want to hit the ball farther, have fewer injuries, or just look awesome in short sleeves, you should own Grip4orce.

Seriously, this is one product that I can recommend to every single golfer without reservation.  It is the very definition of a Training Aid That Works.

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  1. I have a set…simple and very effective product. I mostly use them with dumbbells on all arm work.

  2. Jonathan Compton

    A concern: if it strengthens my grip, won’t I be inclined to grip the club too hard? I don’t see the value of it beyond making my forearms look Popye like.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think that’s inaccurate. If you get stronger, you can use proportionally less strength to hold the club with the same force. This will remove tension from your swing.



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