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Golf News – March 2, 2017


Galvin Green Introduces Revolutionary Gore-Tex® C-Knit™ Backer Collection

(VÄxjö, Sweden) – Galvin Green – the world’s leading maker of functional golf clothing for serious players and the No. 1 global golf partner of GORE-TEX® – announces the introduction of its Japanese-made C-KNIT™ Backer range featuring an ultralight, three-layer stretch GORE-TEX® fabric.

First worn by the 2016 European Ryder Cup Team, Galvin Green is the only brand to bring the highly- technical material to the golf market. Part of the Pioneering Layering for Golf, Part I collection, the C-KNIT Backer jackets and pants offer exceptional breathability, soft hand and complete waterproofness.

“C-KNIT Backer represents the next generation of golf rainwear and another ‘first’ for Galvin Green as the pioneering brand in the waterproofs sector,” said Christian Nilsson, CEO/Managing Director of Galvin Green. “A revolutionary fabric technology has been integrated into garments designed for golfers by golfers to offer maximum protection from the elements, while being amazingly lightweight and stylish at the same time.”

Highlights include the Argon full-zip and Aldrin half-zip jackets with a high collar and zipped cuffs in a rubber-like neoprene material designed to repel steady rain. Completing the suit is the Arn pant with an elasticated waistband and long leg waterproof zipped openings at the back.

Based in Sweden, Galvin Green is a pure golf brand that developed the sport’s first apparel layering system – the Multi-Layer Concept – more than a decade ago. This distinctive approach uses leading-edge fabric technologies to ensure the dry comfort, thermal regulation and outer protection that helps players optimize performance.

Galvin Green is the Official Team Supplier of Outerwear for the 2016 and 2018 European Ryder Cup Teams. Through this partnership, the company will provide its premium waterproof garments to the captains, vice captains, team members and their caddies during the matches at Hazeltine National Golf Club (2016) and Le Golf National (2018).

Also distinguishing the brand is its ‘Dress for the Weather’ app. Free on the App Store or Google Play, the app provides detailed five-day forecasts for thousands of courses in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Europe, and recommends ideal layering solutions for expected levels of heat, precipitation and wind speed.

For more information:


OnCore Golf Debuts High Performance Tour Ball – ELIXR™

BUFFALO, NY – OnCore Golf, the Buffalo, New York-based golf ball company, today unveiled their first-ever Tour ball-the ELIXRTM. Their most advanced ball release yet, the ELIXR™ upholds OnCore’s commitment to innovation and technology while diversifying the company’s portfolio of golf balls to meet the needs of all player performance levels.

Bringing together a one-of-a-kind mix of advanced materials, the ELIXR™’s tri-phase constructed technology features original chemistry blends with added advanced material elements to deliver a unique combination of distance, spin, control and feel off the face of the club.

“We entered into the market five years ago by literally making history with our hollow-metal core golf balls,” said OnCore Golf Co-Founder Bret Blakely. “However, we’ve never stopped innovating and exploring approaches to golf ball design and construction that would benefit golfers of all skill levels. By creating a top tier product and jumping into the professional golf scene head first with the ELIXR™, we are staying true to our vision of being innovators – from Core to Cover – and offering golfers an alternative to the status quo that has dominated the golf industry for the past century. And we’re just getting started!”

With an 85-compression rating and a 318-dimple pattern, the three-piece ELIXR™ combines a polybutadiene rubber core’s unique cross-linked polymer additives for exceptional ball speed; increased perimeter weighting due to a proprietary polymer mantle infused with high density particles for enhanced accuracy and control; and a cast urethane cover to deliver a soft and pure feel off the club face for ultimate greenside handling and durability.

The technology behind the new ELIXR™ Tour ball, along with OnCore’s other highly-regarded golf balls, the AVANT and the CALIBER, can be seen at


Antigua Taps Spandex In its Spring 2017 Men’s Collection

PEORIA, AZ – Emphasizing an updated fabric story, the Antigua Group, Inc. – one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand – announced it’s using spandex in its Spring 2017 Men’s Collection.

“Almost every style has incorporated this fiber into the construction of fashion fabrics for both function and form, eliminating any garment resistance throughout the golf swing and offering an enhanced supple hand, smooth drape and renewed recovery with every use,” says Sean Gregg, Antigua’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing Support.

This season’s stripe collection offers fresh vitality in contrasting colors. Incorporating spandex yarns into a fine jersey knit gives the simplest of stripe patterns a charged appeal.

Antigua continues to embellish textured solids this season by adding an abstract geometric all-over embossed interlock style.

Completing this season’s polo offering is a sublimation print with strategically engineered front and back panels.

Find Antigua on the web at: and


Gamifying Golf To Grow The Game For Future Generations

Oakland, CA (February 28, 2017) – Mobile golf technology startup, 18Birdies, today unveiled findings from its KRC Research commissioned study** about the current state of golf participation. The study findings revealed tremendous opportunities to attract non-golfers and Millennials/Generation Z to the game through mobile technology and unconventional play.

“We all know that participation in golf has been waning over the last few years,” said Eddy Lui, Founder and CEO of 18Birdies. “What this study proves, however, is that there is a great opportunity for the industry to grow the game through technology and gamification, especially with today’s younger generation, who are going to be essential for growing the sport.”

The research was based on interviews with 1,769 Americans age 16 and older and was weighted to be demographically representative of the U.S. population based on Census reference data. Key findings include:

There is significant opportunity to convert latent demand
The study revealed that there is a large proportion of non-golfers who are interested in learning the sport:
• 4 out of 10 non-golfers are interested in learning and playing
• 67% of Millennials and 73% of Gen Z non-golfers stated they want to learn to play

Leveraging mobile technology would grow the game with golfers and non-golfers
A majority of respondents stated they would welcome mobile technology to assist them throughout their round:
• 61% of golfers would play more if their smartphone had an app that keeps score. This is even higher among younger golfers:
o 94% of Millennials and 78% of Gen Z-ers say they would play more with a smartphone app
• 63% of non-golfers are more likely to play with the help of smartphones
• 86% of golfers confess to missing a shot because they didn’t know the distance to the hole and would benefit from technology that could track distances

Golfers and non-golfers look for ways to make the game fun
Golfers and non-golfers, particularly among younger generations, look for ways to make the game fun:
• 87% of Millennial golfers are interested in playing more if they could bet with others
o 56% of golfers and 46% of Millennial golfers play side games on the course
o 61% of golfers and 69% of non-golfers would play more golf if they could play side-games on the course

The social nature of golf is a strong characteristic and can lead to more participation
Golfers and non-golfers agree that golf is a good way to meet new people and network:
• 86% of Millennials and 83% of Gen Z-ers would be more likely to play if they had a friend to take them
• 92% of golfers and 83% of non-golfers agree that golf is a good way to network and conduct business
• 90% of golfers and 81% of non-golfers agree that golf is a good way to meet people
Different formats of tournaments and game play would lead to increased participation
Additional ways to play the game are very intriguing to golfers and non-golfers:
• 80% of golfers and 69% of non-golfers would play more if there were more opportunities to play scramble formats. 80% of Millennial non-golfers would also play more with scramble formats
• Shorter rounds will increase frequency of play and attract new golfers: 73% of golfers and 84% of non-golfers want to play shorter rounds (3, 6, or 9-holes). 95% of Millennial golfers and 91% of Millennial non-golfers would also play more with shorter rounds

Other ways to grow the game with non-golfers
Other factors that would lead non-golfers to play include larger cups, being able to tee up every shot and nighttime golf:
• 72% of non-golfers would play if they could use a 15-inch hole
o The number is higher with Millennials at 82%
• 69% of non-golfers would play if they could tee up every shot
o The number rises to 82% with Millennials
• 63% of non-golfers would be more likely to play if they had access to nighttime golf
o With Millennials, the number rises to 74%

18Birdies commissioned KRC Research to conduct a 15-minute quantitative survey of 1,769 Americans over the age of 16, from October 14, 2016 to October 24, 2016. This base sample, derived from an online consumer panel, was drawn and weighted to be demographically representative of the U.S. population (gender, age, education, race/ethnicity, and region), based on Census reference data.

To achieve a sufficiently large number of golfers and Gen Z consumers (age 16 to 21) to compare to other groups, KRC oversampled to reach a total of approximately 500 respondents in both categories. These oversampled groups are included in the total, and appropriately weighted to reflect their actual demographic proportions.

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