Golf News – June 12, 2014

Golf News – June 12, 2014


More to 2014 U.S. Open than just Phil and Pinehurst

PINEHURST, N.C. – Phil Mickelson and Pinehurst.

Pinehurst and Phil Mickelson.

After weeks of chatter that’s what the 114th U.S. Open has come down to – a 43-year-old trying to pen a memorable final chapter and an iconic course that has turned back the clock for all the right reasons.

Ever since Lefty hoisted the claret jug on a similarly brownish layout last July at Muirfield the talk, much of it born from his own admissions, has fixated on Mickelson completing the career Grand Slam at Pinehurst, the site of his first national heartbreak back in 1999.

“The thing for me is that I look at those close calls as positive signs for having given myself so many opportunities in our national championship,” said Mickelson, a six-time runner-up at the U.S. Open. “I believe that I’ll have more opportunities.”

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USGA’s ‘Heavyweight’ group causing minor stir

PINEHURST, N.C. – Imagine this: You’re a professional golfer. Not one of the bigger stars of the game, but certainly one of the bigger players. Physically, that is.

But so what? Golf is a game for all shapes and sizes. Not everyone has washboard abs like Camilo Villegas or linebacker shoulders like Gary Woodland or Popeye-ish forearms like Paul Casey. Success isn’t determined by physical appearance.

And you’ve had your share of success. You’ve qualified for this week’s U.S. Open, the year’s second major championship. Just before the week starts, though, something happens.

That major championship makes fun of you.

The USGA has a long-standing tradition of grouping like-minded players. Old guys. Young guys. Winners of the same event. Residents of the same state. Even players whose names sound similar.

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Nicklaus was – still is – the king of focus

PINEHURST, N.C. – Something still happens when Jack Nicklaus stands over a golf ball. The Golden Bear will tell you he gave up on his golf game long ago. After all, he’s 74 years old. His body has broken down. He has golf courses to design, business ventures to explore, family life to live. He plays golf rarely, and almost never in public. When he does play, he is content (or he claims to feel some emotion vaguely resembling contentment) to break 80. He has accepted his mortality.

That’s what he will tell you, anyway. But Nicklaus made a rare tournament appearance in Branson, Mo., last week for the Legends of Golf, the oldest tournament on the Champions Tour. It was first played 36 years ago in Austin, Texas – the idea was to have 50-something golfers team up and play a little golf for some money. Sam Snead paired up with Gardner Dickinson to win 50 grand the first year.

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