Golf News – June 11, 2014

Golf News – June 11, 2014


Ranking a U.S. Open field that’s missing Tiger

PINEHURST, N.C. – It should come as a surprise that this week’s prediction for the upcoming U.S. Open starts off with one player who isn’t here as opposed to the 156 who are only if you haven’t been paying attention for the last 17 years – or the last three months.

Tiger Woods isn’t competing because of an injury to his back or shoulder or knee – hell, who can keep track anymore? – which will leave the rest of us shaking our heads in unison until the first tee ball is in the air, muttering over and over again, “There’s just no BUZZ this week.” Hey, I’ll be the first guy to puff out my chest and stick up my nose and proclaim that the game is bigger than Woods, that they’ve been playing since Scottish shepherds first started swinging sticks around empty fields and they’ll keep playing long after he’s gone. But I count myself among the masses jumping on the No Buzz Bandwagon barreling straight for Pinehurst No. 2.

Nothing new to see here. There was admittedly no buzz before this year’s Masters Tournament and Players Championship, so there’s no reason to believe the latest in this succession of big-time events should be any different. Oh, sure, there’s the major storyline of Phil Mickelson trying to avenge those six runner-up finishes and those zero top-10s this year and those irritating FBI investigators. That’s buzzworthy, I’ll give you that. Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott and their secret-but-not-too-secret love lives? Sorry, unless Caroline Wozniacki shows up to the first tee in that witch’s costume, it’s not enough to get me too worked up.

All of which brings us back to Tiger.

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Aldila Releases Limited Edition Rogue For U.S. Open Celebrating Shaft’s Launch Anniversary

POWAY, Calif. – Aldila is releasing limited edition “tour authentic” models of its multiple-tour-winner Rogue shaft in conjunction with the 2014 U.S. Open. Made with the same extremely exotic, high-performance materials as the Tour version, the limited edition shafts commemorate the Rogue’s one-year anniversary on the tour. Each shaft will be made in the USA at Aldila’s Research & Development facility in Poway and will be serialized with laser customization available to personalize each shaft.

So far in the 2013-2014 season, the Rogue has been instrumental in helping Aldila win the driver shaft manufacturer count at 21 of 30 PGA Tour events, and also the wood shaft manufacturer count at 28 of 30 tournaments, according to the Darrell Survey reports. Rogue was also the #1 driver shaft brand model at 19 of the tournaments.

“Because of the extremely exotic, high-performance materials that are used in the construction of the Rogue shaft, it has very limited availability,” said John Oldenburg, Aldila’s Vice President of Engineering and Product Development. “Typically the materials are incorporated into only high-performance military projects and Aldila is one of the first companies to have access to the material for commercial use.”

The Rogue shaft is built on Aldila’s ultra-successful new “Tour” platform using the same tapered tooling and Nex Gen Micro-Laminate Technology™ that provide the exceptional performance of the #1 shaft model on Tour – Aldila’s Tour Green and Tour Blue.

“Aldila’s Nex Generation Micro Laminate Technology is comprised of ultra-thin layers of premium, low resin aerospace grade materials,” he said. “This design evolution eliminates inconsistent shaft performance caused by material variability. Redesigned tooling also raises the shaft balance point, making this the perfect upgrade for today’s modern club head designs.”

According to Oldenburg, by incorporating this new material, Aldila ( is able to make the shaft stiffer and lower torque without adding weight. At the same time, the placement of the material in top third of the shaft (grip end) allows the shaft manufacturer to slightly counterbalance the shaft to work well with today’s heavier driver heads and the longer length of modern drivers.

The limited edition Rogue shafts will be available through select distributors with a suggested retail price of $799.


Loudmouth Golf Releases 6″ Classic Shorts For Women

You asked for it, and we delivered! Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright golf apparel, has introduced a brand new style to their product lineup – the “Classic Short.” The new short features a 6″ inseam that provides moderate coverage with a low-rise waist for a flattering fit.

The shorts are made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex ensuring breathable comfort and flexibility to keep you cool and confident on the course. The Classic Shorts come in 11 colorful patterns, offering golf gals endless summer outfit options.

For more information or to purchase please visit
Women’s Classic Shorts $70.00 USD.

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