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Mitsubishi Golf Launches All New Diamana WB

January 23, 2024 – ORLANDO, Florida – Mitsubishi Golf today revealed Diamana WB, the first member of the all-new 6th Generation Diamana family. Diamana WB (White Board) brings the storied brand back to its legendary iconography, including the return of the surfboard, flowerbands and even the 63/73/83 weight class designations. Diamana WB also features the most advanced technological package ever assembled in a Diamana structure.

As with all White Mitsubishi structures, Diamana WB is a low launch, low spin product. Diamana WB uses some proven technologies from previous Diamana generations like Consistent Feel Design to simplify fitting processes and our Xlink Tech Resin System to drastically bolster carbon fiber volume and increase the shaft’s overall strength. Diamana WB is taken to the next level with the use of 80-ton DIALEAD pitch fiber in the handle that massively increases energy

transfer to the ball at impact for more ball speed, full-length use of aerospace-grade MR70 carbon fiber for added strength, and a new orientation of plies in the tip section to drive down torque for tighter downrange dispersion.

“Diamana WB brings our most iconic brand back to its roots. What made Diamana so special was the surfboards, the flowers, the Hawaiian themes. It’s our DNA. Aside from the cosmetic that might make you feel a bit nostalgic, WB is our most technologically advanced product ever and it just flat out performs,” said Mark Gunther, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing.

Diamana WB uses an absolutely robust technological package but Diamana will never stray too far from its purpose of creating the smoothest feel and most consistent performance possible. Feel and consistency is what made Diamana what it is today, and that will never change.

The release of Diamana WB caps off the first 20 Years of Diamana and kicks off the next 20. This is the next in the long lineage of legendary Diamana performers.

Diamana WB will be available at retail beginning January 26, 2024 and has a suggested MSRP of $400.

Visit Mitsubishi Golf HERE

Shot Scope Debuts Pro ZR Laser Rangefinder Featuring a Durashield Hardshell … Golf’s Most Durable, High-Performance Rangefinder

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Shot Scope, the golf industry-leader in advanced GPS and shot tracking technology, has once again re-imagined the laser rangefinder category with the launch of the PRO ZR, a laser rangefinder featuring a DuraShield Hardshell design, offering golfers the most durable high-performance, distance measuring device on the market.

The PRO ZR is backed by its DuraShield Hardshell, which offers a strong and metallic construction with a water resistant rating, allowing for use in all weather conditions. The new device will be showcased at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando and offered at an unbeatable $299.99 SRP. Providing golfers with unparalleled distance and pinpoint accuracy, including an ultra-clear LCD display combined with Adaptive slope technology and Red / Black dual optics, the PRO ZR ensures players can read their measurement regardless of the light conditions over a distance of 1500 yards.

Additionally, the PRO ZR features 6-times magnification, Rapid-fire detection, and Target-lock vibration with enhanced stabilization, giving golfers distances accurate to within a yard instantly, so they can spend less time using their laser, and more time playing their shot. Further defining the PRO ZR, the device can be attached to a golf bag and stored in the carry case, or securely attached to a golf cart with the built-in magnet.

Available with a free Shot Scope mobile app, NO subscriptions, the PRO ZR offers access to the company’s library of aerial GPS maps for any golf course in the world.

“Shot Scope is very excited to innovate the laser rangefinder category once again with a device that provides the best combination of distance and accuracy, with a construction and design that offers unmatched durability for handling harsh conditions on the course,” said David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope, Shot Scope. “This kind of advanced technology at a $299.99 price point is simply unheard of in golf today.”

Hunter adds, “The PRO ZR, which debuts on the heels of seven new product introductions from Shot Scope in 2023, further solidifies the most expansive and affordable line-up of award-winning shot tracking and distance measuring devices in the game today, which includes the PRO LX+ with GPS and shot tracking and is the most advanced rangefinder on the market.”

The PRO ZR, which features a long lasting, replaceable CR2 battery, is available for purchase beginning in February 2024.

Visit Shot Scope HERE

The Ultimate Consistency Upgrade: Fujikura Introduces a New VENTUS for 2024

CARLSBAD, CA – Fujikura, the leader in performance golf shafts, is proud to announce the all-new VENTUS shaft, available globally at charter dealers from February 29, 2024.

Featuring an enhanced technology platform combined with advanced design techniques, the new VENTUS is the ultimate evolution to one of the best performing shafts in Fujikura’s history.

Following the unrivalled Tour success that began with VENTUS in 2018, the 2024 VENTUS is a mid- launch/low spin wood shaft that has been re-engineered with updated materials and technology for improved feel, consistency and speed for all golfers.

VENTUS has been known as the most stable and consistent wood shaft in golf since its introduction, and this new VENTUS builds on that performance foundation.

VELOCORE, Fujikura’s ground-breaking shaft stability technology introduced in 2018 with VENTUS and subsequent products including VENTUS TR and AXIOM iron shafts, helps deliver exceptional club stability through transition and impact. The technology promotes consistent center-face contact, tightening dispersion and increasing control. Fujikura’s team of engineers have continued to innovate and developed an enhanced technology for the new 2024 VENTUS, VELOCORE+.

VELOCORE+ is the next generation of Fujikura’s ground-breaking proprietary technology. Featuring a re-engineered multi-material bias core, VELOCORE+ enhances the feel and performance of VENTUS with an additional premium bias core material, promoting even tighter dispersion and increased ball speeds.

Focused on delivering increased speed, accuracy and distance. Player testing with new VENTUS shows noticeable increases in performance alongside the same unique feel-characteristics synonymous with the original VENTUS profile.

“VENTUS launched on global Tours in 2018 and has been the absolute standard in wood shaft performance ever since,” says Spencer Reynolds, Fujikura Product and Brand Manager. “With this iteration, we set out to improve the original model by incorporating the new material and technology advancements we’ve pioneered over the last 6 years. In player testing we achieved our target launch and spin numbers consistent with the original VENTUS Blue, but increased ball speeds and tightened dispersion, giving players enhanced performance in the areas that matter most. More speed, more distance and improved accuracy.”

The all-new VENTUS will be available at retail from February 2024 through authorized Fujikura Charter Dealers and select OEM custom programs. With an MSRP of $350.00, VENTUS is available in a wide variety of weights and flexes, ranging from 52 grams to 94 grams and from R2 up to X-flex.

Visit Fujikura Golf HERE

Less to Think About With L.A.B. Golf’s New DF3 Putter

CRESWELL, OR – Ever since L.A.B. Golf launched its first putter, Directed Force, golfers have been asking the company if it could make it “less weird.”

DF3 is that putter. The company reimagined the shape of the original Lie Angle Balanced putter to make DF3 smaller and sleeker while honoring the shape of the putter that started it all.

“With DF3, we refined every aspect of the design,” Hahn says. “DF3 is quite a bit smaller, but because of all we’ve learned about building Lie Angle Balanced putters over the years, we were able to maintain almost all of the forgiveness and stability that makes DF 2.1 the easiest-to-use putter in the game.”

Like L.A.B. Golf’s larger DF 2.1 putter, DF3 is “fully automatic.” That means golfers will get the full experience of DF3 wanting to guide itself on the correct path on the way back and through. This is possible thanks to L.A.B. Golf’s patented Lie Angle Balance technology. The technology creates true zero-torque putters that stay square by themselves. Golfers can trust that L.A.B. Golf putters will return to square without any need for manipulation.

Despite not paying professionals to use its putters, L.A.B. Golf has earned multiple wins on each of golf’s leading tours including the PGA Tour, LIV Golf, and the Korn Ferry Tour. These wins validate L.A.B. Golf’s claims that its Lie Angle Balance technology makes putting simpler and more fun for golfers of all abilities.

One aspect of the DF3 design that adds fun and utility is the DF3’s “Gimme Getter.” It’s a golf ball-shaped cutout on the rear of the putter that is designed to retrieve a golf ball when a golfer presses it onto a golf ball.

“Our best-selling MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 Max putters don’t have a ball scoop, and many of our customers wrote in and said they wish they had one,” Hahn continued. “The ‘Gimme Getter’ function isn’t our original idea, but we love the way it works and glad we could bring it to DF3.”


DF3 will be available in two models: DF3 Stock ($449) and DF3 Custom ($559). The putters are available at and at golf retailers across the world including PGA Tour SuperStore, Golf Galaxy, Golf Town, and Club Champion.

With DF3 Custom, golfers will be able to choose from standard-length or counterbalanced models in eight different colors: black, red, blue, cappuccino, platinum, pink, green, and orange. Like all L.A.B. Golf custom putters, the company offers a wide range of grip and upgrade shaft options.

DF3 Custom also comes with the choice of 33 different alignment markings and can be customized to standard, heavy, or light head weights.

Visit L.A.B. Golf HERE

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