Golf News – February 14, 2014

Golf News – February 14, 2014


SkyGolf® Applauds USGA Decision To Allow Distance-Measuring Devices In Its Amateur Championships For 2014

RIDGELAND, Miss., February 12, 2014… SkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie® the most trusted Rangefinder in Golf, commented today on the USGA decision to allow distance-measuring devices (DMDs) in all its amateur championships and their respective qualifying events, beginning in 2014. The USGA announcement reflects a joint decision with The R&A, which together with the USGA governs the game worldwide.

“Of course, we are very pleased to see the use of DMDs expanded and the recognition that DMDs provide essential distance information without impeding pace of play,” stated Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf. “At SkyGolf, we have long believed that our SkyCaddie rangefinders deliver the same information as a Tour player’s yardage book, but do it more efficiently and more quickly to not only help golfers play better, but play faster as well.”

According to the statement issued by the USGA, the decision to allow the use of distance-measuring devices follows a recent study of such technologies during the 2013 USGA Women’s State Team and U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur championships as part of the Association’s broad initiative to identify the causes and solutions to slow play in the game. From the data collected at these championships, USGA researchers found no evidence that DMDs had a negative impact on pace of play and will continue to monitor the use of DMDs in the larger pool of amateur events to further study their effect on pace of play.

The USGA ruling states that the devices may be used in amateur championships to measure distance only, and may not be used to measure other conditions such as wind speed or direction, temperature or elevation.

“Our goals have always been twofold,” added Edmonson. “First, speed up play. In that regard we believe our advanced GPS technology coupled with the accuracy of our maps, allows golfers to play with confidence and trust, but faster than pacing off from sprinkler heads and faster than using laser alternatives.  Working almost 10 years ago with the Adam’s Tight Lies Tour in Texas, we actually proved that our SkyCaddie rangefinders improved pace of play significantly while lasers offered minimal improvement.”

“Secondly, we have always kept our technology within the rules and the spirit of the game by providing “distance only” information to keep the skills and judgment of the individual golfer the most essential elements of the game,” continued Edmonson.  “Accordingly, we have stayed away from making adjustments for elevation, wind and temperature, although such adjustments are well within our expertise and the capabilities of our technology.  We believe our leadership in using technology responsibly has given the USGA and R&A confidence that technology can be used to grow the game by enhancing the golfing experience while keeping the traditions and spirit of the game intact.”

SkyGolf recently announced two new DMDs, the SkyCaddie TOUCH handheld device and the SkyCaddie LINX watch. The new Bluetooth-enabled SkyCaddie TOUCH features a glove-friendly, easy-to-use, easy-to-read touchscreen, 34,000 preloaded, error-corrected maps plus a new feature to use NEW “onDemand HD” course graphics inspired by tour yardage books. The basic preloaded courses are “best in class” already, but the new HD maps take SkyCaddie quality to another level above competition.

The new Bluetooth-enabled SkyCaddie LINX watch is also preloaded with 34,000 error-corrected maps, ready-to-play, worldwide. The LINX provides dynamic accurate distances to the front, center and back of the green, as well as TrueGround layup targets from the tee box through the entire hole. The SkyCaddie LINX watch can be personalized with a large assortment of fashion-colored band and bezel options that are easy to interchange.

The LINX also supports SkyCaddie’s proprietary IntelliGreen® technology which provides actual green shape and pin targeting for precise distance to the hole. Options also include a TrueGround® Target List with up to 40 hazards, carries and layups per hole that were precision mapped and corrected from the ground.

Both the new TOUCH and LINX work seamlessly with a new SkyCaddie Mobile app via Bluetooth to upload scores, get stats, graphs, charts and to keep the course data up to date with the latest information.

“We are excited to see the benefits of DMDs expanding to golfers of all skill levels who deserve the same information provided by a Tour Caddie, but who don’t have the benefit of a caddie,” stated Edmonson. “We believe nothing beats a caddie with a trustworthy yardage book and that more than just the distance to the hole is needed to play your best golf. That is why SkyCaddie offers much more information about the course and its hazards than a laser because it is designed to be the closest thing to a Tour yardage book. With a SkyCaddie, any golfer can enjoy the same information demanded by every player on the Tour and at the same time comply with both the rules and the spirit of the game to PLAY BETTER, PLAY FASTER AND HAVE MORE FUN!”


“Illegal” Golf Tee Helps Struggling Golfers Get Instant Loft On Their Tee Shots

Lof-Tee designers of a new golf tee that is specifically designed to help new and high handicap golfers hit soaring drives and avoid the dreaded “wormburner.”

One of the most difficult shots in golf is the tee shot.

This is especially true with the driver where most new and high handicap golfers struggle to get their drives airborne.  Unfortunately these weak drives set the tone for the golfer’s entire round.

When using traditional tees golfers simply have a peg that cradles the golf ball but provides no other tangible benefits.  Golfers in fact could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars attempting to hit a single tee shot while Lof-Tee can save them time, money and frustration with its unique design.

The Lof-Tee is made out of high impact plastic with a “ramp” that upon impact instant launches the ball skyward.  Lof-Tee’s design nearly eliminates the need for golfers to buy several dozen tees while at the same time alleviating nervousness about topping another painfully short drive.

Lof-Tee doesn’t conform with USGA rules and in fact some rules officials may shudder at the idea of a tee that gives golfers immediate lift.  No other tee has introduced a ramp that launches the ball for the golfer.

While the Lof-Tee may be ‘illegal’ according to the rules of golf it does conform with assisting golfers in getting their rounds off to a quicker and more exciting start.

Lof-Tees can be found at the company’s website at and can be purchased for a staggering low price of $9.95 per half dozen and comes with a 30 day performance guarantee.


Spring 2014 Wovens From Bobby Jones Bring Style To The 19th Hole

Bordentown, NJ – Bobby Jones, celebrating the iconic apparel brand’s 25th anniversary in 2014, announced today that its Spring 2014 Collection features an extensive line of woven shirts, perfect for the office or relaxing at your favorite clubhouse. The impressive line of wovens offers a variety of colors, patterns and collar options sure to fit any style.

Beginning with the traditional, the Solid Oxford from Bobby Jones is made of 100% cotton and features a button down collar and breast pocket. Available in five solid colors (Blue, Lavender, Mandarin, Tangerine and White) the Solid Oxford offers a splash of color to accompany the customary look with a plaid pattern inner collar.

The Medal Plaid offers great style and comfort for men who prefer a spread collar look. Again made of 100% cotton and featuring a breast pocket, the Medal Plaid comes in Cerulean, Hyacinth and Melon hues, all of which stun in the tight plaid pattern.

For a more casual look, the Beach Plaid woven is the perfect option.  Available in Blue and Tangerine, both offerings incorporate an array of colors that mix together perfectly showcasing an ideal springtime vibe. The Beach Plaid is also made of 100% cotton and has a button-down collar.

With more than 20 variations of solids, plaids, stripes, piques and textures, the entire Bobby Jones Spring 2014 Woven Collection is sure to offer the perfect option to suit each discerning wearer’s tastes

“With incredible style and unmatched comfort, our woven shirts are perfectly-suited for keeping the wearer looking sharp in a board room or at the clubhouse bar,” said Andy Bell, President/CEO of Jones Global Sports.

For a quarter century, Bobby Jones has provided luxury men’s and women’s sportswear, including polo shirts, button downs, shorts, slacks and sweaters/knits to demanding consumers looking to exude a classy, cool confidence on and off the course.  The Bobby Jones brand can be found at the finest golf clubs, resorts and haberdasheries in the world.  For more information on the Bobby Jones brand, visit

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