Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474 Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474 shaft is one of the best options for slower, smoother swingers looking to maximize distance.


Most of the buzz in the world of golf shafts centers on heavyweight telephone poles for players with massive power.   It makes sense – “buzz” is driven by the PGA Tour and people on golf forums lying about their swing speed.  For real-world golfers, however, those shafts don’t make sense.  What will make sense for a large percentage of golfers is the new Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474.  This shaft will help regular players hit their longest drives with its light weight and superior speed.

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The feel of the Fujikura Speeder Evolution series is entirely different from that of last year’s Speeders.  Last year, the shafts had a clear kick point, and that point moved closer to the tip as the shafts got lighter.  This year, the feel is much more consistent from one weight to the next, and there’s no longer a feeling of load and kick but rather a smooth transfer of energy from butt to tip.  I’d compare the feel to cracking a whip.  As you move from the heavier weight versions towards the lighter weights, the whip becomes easier to crack.

The 474 has the smoothest feel of any of the shafts in the new Speeder Evolution line.  Between it’s light weight, higher torque, and softer profile, this is a shaft will “kick” for any golfer.  I think that slower swingers will really enjoy how smooth the 474 is, because, unlike with other shafts, they’ll be able to feel it work.

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The look of the new Fujikura Speeder Evolution is done no justice by pictures.  When I saw the first pictures, I thought, “Same graphics, new color, it looks Ok.”  In person, the new color makes all the difference and it looks great.  There are lots of blue shafts, but this one absolutely pops.

Speeder 474 Evolution LM Data

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Like last year’s 474, the Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474 is only offered in Regular and R2 (Senior) flex, which indicates that this is not meant for the faster swinger.  As I did last year, I tipped my 474 to bring it closer to a stiff flex for testing.

Any time that I test a light weight shaft, I have fairly low expectations.  I’ve played 70 gram driver shafts for years, and it’s what I’m comfortable with.  That said, the Speeder Evolution 474 performed very nicely for me.  The smooth, easy load made me swing more within myself, but the light weight kept my club head speed in my normal range.  While the spin was a bit higher than the other Speeder Evolution shafts, the numbers were still good overall.

I think that for the player who fits into this shaft, the performance is going to be extraordinary.  The light weight will help them to produce higher swing speeds and the Speeder Evolution’s superior energy transfer will boost the ball speed even further.

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If you’re a smooth swinger who’s looking to get every last inch out of your driver, I would strongly recommend that you check out the Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474.  The light weight will allow you to swing it faster and the technology in the shaft will transfer more energy to the ball than any other shaft I’ve tested.

Matt Saternus


  1. How does this shaft compare to the project x 5.5 px v43? My callaway FT Optiforce came stock with the project x. My driver club head speed is in the low 90’s and looking to make sure I have a proper shaft and always looking for more fairways and distance too.

    Is there a web site where one can compare shafts/ get more info on shafts suitable to ones current ability? This would be helpful to be equipped with some knowledge prior to walking into the shop.


    • Matt Saternus


      I can only tell you what I tell everyone else: you need to get fit/try them yourself. No one can fit you without watching you swing the shaft, and anyone who says otherwise is, at best, misguided. We did some testing this weekend for a future Golf Myths Unplugged that only further proved this. There’s no such thing as a shaft that’s only for good players or beginning players.

      I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but this website is here to give people the truth, not marketing spin.



  2. Sho?uld I start with a visual observation or if I get on a launch monitor are there any critical data points that I should look for to help me better understand the correct shaft for my swing type.

    Do I go to a fitter and just state I’m looking to see if I have the correct shaft in my driver?

    • Matt Saternus


      My recommendation is to find a fitter you trust who has the equipment necessary to do high-level club fitting (professional launch monitor and ample heads and shafts to test), and work with them to learn about your equipment needs. If you have one in your area, I recommend Club Champion. Their process starts with fitting the shaft – finding something you can swing consistently that produces good results – and then moves to the head. If you’re happy with your driver head, I’m sure they can work with that.


  3. I recently had this shaft put in a TM Sim driver, wow never in 10 lifetimes could I believe the over all improvement. Would this shaft work well in a 3/4 wood at 43 inches?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would always suggest trying it in a fitting first, but there’s no reason that couldn’t work.



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