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Expert Golfer by Matthew Cooke provides simple, easy to follow tips for making your practice more effective and improving your game.


Regular readers of PluggedInGolf are familiar with Matthew Cooke as the author of many instructional articles, particularly on the topic of How to Practice.  Matthew has recently finished compiling his knowledge about golf and learning into an excellent book, Expert Golfer: Truths on how to Become One.

Lesson Content

Expert Golfer is broken down into twelve chapters.  The final four chapters introduce specific skill-development games that rely on the principles introduced in the first eight chapters.  If you want to be told what to do in simplest terms, skip directly to the drills.

The first eight chapters are where Cooke explains everything he’s learned about learning and golf.  His principles are laid out in concise, easy to understand terms with plenty of examples.  They’re almost too simple – I can imagine plenty of readers paging through saying, “Yeah, I know this stuff.”  Don’t be that guy.  Read each page and think about whether or not your practice reflects Cooke’s insights.  Odds are it doesn’t.  The words in this book won’t take long to read, but reading, internalizing, and implementing these practices is a long term process.  This is a book that you will revisit often and over the course of many years.


The presentation of Expert Golfer is fine but not as good as the content.  Cooke’s writing is very good, and it’s broken up into small enough chunks that it moves quickly.  Where it is lacking is the graphics.  Some of them are too small to read and others are a bit blurry.  That said, combined with the text, they all get their point across.


Expert Golfer is available for about $27 (support PluggedInGolf, buy it HERE).  If you’re truly interested in improving your game, this is a tremendous value.


Expert Golfer: Truths on How to Become One is not another book of quick-fix golf tips.  This is a serious, well-researched volume for the golfer who wants to upgrade their practice so they can start seeing real results.  If that describes you, click the link below and get to work.

Buy Expert Golfer HERE

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  1. Hello Matt
    Thank you for the review of this book. I enjoy it and look forward to utilizing the techniques it goes over. I enjoy your reviews, keep up the good work.

  2. How does this compare to The Practice Manual by Adam Young?

    • Matt Saternus


      This book has a lot of high level concepts. The Practice Manual gets into the specific details of what to do. I prefer The Practice Manual if you’re only going to get one.



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