Epon Tour Wedge Review


50 Words or Less

The Epon Tour Wedge produces more spin than any wedge I’ve tested.  Great feel and super clean looks.



If you’re not familiar with Epon, don’t feel bad.  In an era when most OEMs treat every mini tour win as headline news, Epon marches to a different drummer.

Let me sing their praises for them: Epon is the company that makes many of the best products for the big name OEMs.  When it comes to the clubs for their namesake line, they pull out all the stops and produce some of the finest clubs on Earth.  That’s certainly the case with their new Tour Wedge.



We often use the phrase “minimal branding” to compliment a club maker for not plastering giant logos all over a club.  That term seems inadequate when describing the Epon Tour Wedge.  Someone taking a quick glance at this club may miss the Epon logo altogether.  Needless to say, if you like a clean look, this will be right up your alley.

At address, the Tour Wedge looks very traditional with a modest teardrop shape.  The most noteworthy element is the way the leading edge is aggressively rounded into the toe.  This is a slightly more compact wedge, but many players won’t even notice the size difference.


Sound & Feel

I’ve been fortunate enough to test wedges from all the best makers, and, when it comes to feel, the Epon Tour Wedge stands shoulder to shoulder with any of them.  Impact is soft and crisp with excellent feedback.  The face feels very grippy, too, something I haven’t noticed in a wedge since the groove rollback.



I received these wedges toward the very end of Chicago’s golf season, so my initial testing took place on a launch monitor.  What I saw over and over is the the Epon Tour Wedge is the highest spinning wedge that I’ve tested.  I was regularly spinning shots with 5% more spin than expected.

After plenty of work off the mats, I was able to take these wedges to the course in Arizona.  The higher spin was on full display there, too.  From pitches to full swings, all my shots had a little more stopping power than expected.  Shots weren’t spinning back uncontrollably, but it was easier to be bold with my target choices knowing that my shots would stick.

The other standout performance element on the Epon Tour Wedge is the sole.  As you can see in the picture at the top, each loft has a slightly different sole grind.  The lower lofts have the fullest sole and the highest lofts have the most heel and trailing edge relief.  It would be easy to miss this aspect of the Tour Wedge, but head to head comparisons reveal how helpful that relief is for hitting open-face pitch shots.



There are plenty of reasons to throw a set of the Epon Tour Wedges into your bag.  Want maximum spin?  Check.  Love a clean look?  Check.  Appreciate superior feel?  Check.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Find your nearest Epon club fitter and try a set for yourself.

Epon Tour Wedge Price & Specs


Matt Saternus


  1. Any way you guys could review the Bridgestone J15 wedge? Looks like it has a great shape, but concerned as I’ve read it is unforgiving and diggy


    • Matt Saternus


      We will certainly inquire. If you would like to see more Bridgestone reviews here, the best thing to do is to tell the company that via social media.



  2. Thanks, Matt. Beautiful looking clubs. One question that might sound silly, since we are talking about Wedge play, after-all: These appear to be clean forgings. As such…..I am presuming there will be little forgiveness. Not a big deal for a 50 yard punch shot, but could be for a 110 – 120 yard full wedge over a bunker. Did you need to hit these right in the center of the (small) face or could you get away with a slightly thin or off-center hit? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re no more or less forgiving than any other non-cavity wedge I’ve used. The size difference between these and normal wedges is really quite small.



  3. What a gorgeous looking wedge,that’s fine jewelry of golf.

  4. These wedges look great.
    I have had my Miura,s for about 6 yrs and are an excellent wedge.
    However,I could be tempted providing I can find a dealer in New Zealand.
    I doubt it though plus being LH is normally against any purchases.

  5. manuel perez

    quisiera saber sobre las varilla de golf silmtech de aldila que no aparece ninguna referencia

  6. Matt,

    I’ve struggled to find a wedge that suits my eye since Scratch went out of business. I’ve been looking for something compact like the 8620s for a long time, but. I luck so far. Does the Epon Tour compare? If not, any other recommendations?

    • Matt Saternus


      I never played the Scratch wedges, so I can’t speak to how they compare. The Epon Tour isn’t particularly small, but it’s on the compact side.


  7. luis ontiveros

    i will like to know the length of those EPON wedges ???

  8. Adam Miller

    Have you hit the new Epon Tour Spin wedge

  9. Hi Matt.
    Thank you for all the great reviews. Including this one. Why do people ask you questions they can easily look up??? Mamamia.

    I now want these Epons. I tried some a few years back and loved them. Play Mizuno’s now due to price.

  10. James weeks

    Anyone know an epon dealer in the uk?

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