Ecco Street EVO One Golf Shoe Review

Ecco Street EVO One (10)

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World-class quality with out-of-the-box comfort.  The most durable spikeless shoe in golf.


If we were to play word association and you said “Ecco,” the first word that would come to my mind is “Quality.”  Having both worked in golf retail and owned virtually every brand of shoe there is, I can tell you that when it comes to quality of construction, no shoe in your local big box can compare to an Ecco.

With the Street EVO One, Ecco is pairing that quality with improved comfort and tasteful modern styling.  This shoe shows that the company credited with inventing the street golf shoe has no intention of abandoning the throne any time soon.

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I associate Ecco shoes with lots of great characteristics – durability, quality, style – but never out-of-the-box comfort, until now.  The Ecco Street EVO One is the first Ecco that I’ve worn that feels as good on the first wearing as it does after a month.  Though it’s very comfortable immediately, it still feels like a traditional Ecco: there’s good structure and support across your entire foot.

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The Street EVO One is immediately recognizable as an Ecco Street shoe, but it does push the line forward.  The embossed design, dark grey insert, and different “levels” of leather keep the shoe from being plain, but without being gaudy.  The contrast laces and four dot logo give the shoe a needed splash of color.

Overall, the look of the Street EVO One is fairly conservative, but without being dull.  This is a shoe that a younger golfer could wear to dress “up” or an older golfer could wear to add a bit of Freddie Couples swagger.

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Fun fact: the soles of Ecco’s Street shoes are made of the same material that roller blade and luggage wheels are.  What does that mean to you as a golfer?  It means that unlike most spikeless shoes, this sole will provide traction for years.

Beyond the durability, this shoe provides an excellent combination of balance, traction, flexibility, and light weight.  This isn’t the lightest, lowest, or most flexible shoe, but it offers a blend of all these features that makes for a very satisfying experience.  When I played in these shoes, I felt very connected to the ground and had no issues with traction, even on dicey lies.

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In most things, the saying, “you get what you pay for” is true.  Ecco spits in the face of that notion by delivering a superior shoe at a cost that is in line with or below many other major label shoes.

If you’re tired of replacing your golf shoes every year, it’s time to invest in quality and get yourself a pair of Eccos.  I can’t guarantee that they’ll give you a swing like Freddie, your feet will be comfortable.


The Ecco Street EVO One is available in six colors and retails for $160.

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  1. Are they waterproof?

    • Matt Saternus

      Thanks for the question.

      No, they are not water proof. They are water resistant. I haven’t played with them in wet conditions yet, so I can’t give any personal experience about how good the water proofing is. that said, my experience with Ecco quality is very good, so I imagine they would be solid in anything short of really swampy conditions.



  2. This is the 2nd review that mentioned “out of the box comfort” but for me it was the only pair of Ecco’s that I have worn where I was not comfortable playing a round of golf out of the gate. Wore them about 2 hours and had a few heel issues. Potential sizing but I would suggest breaking them in just a bit.

  3. Cedric Theofanous

    It seems like golf shoes are trending away from soft spikes. It’d be cool if someone did a study on which type of sole had the most traction. Hogan thought tractions was so important he put an extra spike on the bottom of his shoes.

  4. susan turner

    The ecco evo golf shoes are rubbish. they are not waterprooof so what good are they as a golf shoe, my shoes leak water through the sole even when only walking on wet grass from watering. So I have wet and smelling inner soles resulting in damp socks and feet. Golf shoes are supposed to be waterproof! Ecco should stay out of the golf shoe market, I will never buy another ecco golf shoe!

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