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Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa- The Solution to Stir Crazy

Want to Get Away?

The COVID pandemic is affecting people in many different ways, but one thing that most people can agree on is that it’s making us stir crazy.  With kids doing e-learning and adults working remotely, we’re dying to get out of our homes and do something fun.  But with travel restrictions and health concerns, where can you go?

Eagle Ridge Resort offers the perfect solution.  For Chicagoans and other Midwesterners, The Galena Territory is a short drive away, and a welcome break from the routine of sitting at home in front of a screen.


For golfers, a trip to Eagle Ridge offers plenty of options.  For the skilled player, it doesn’t get better than The General [review HERE].  Like it’s namesake, this course is relentlessly tough, particularly off the tee.  It’s also one of the most beautiful tracks in the state thanks to all the natural elevation changes.  It’s particularly stunning in the fall with the changing colors.

The North Course is my favorite because it blends Galena’s natural beauty with a layout that’s more open and accessible.  There’s still plenty of challenge on this course, especially for Midwestern golfers used to very flat courses, there’s more room to wander off the tee.

Eagle Ridge’s South Course is designed for the shotmaker.  This course isn’t going to beat you up with length, but it will punish those who are inaccurate.  Pick a comfortable set of tees for your game and enjoy the round.

Finally, there’s the family-friendly East Course.  This 9-hole, par 34 course is perfect for juniors, new players, or anyone looking to squeeze a little more golf into their day.


There are fewer activities more COVID-friendly than hiking, and Eagle Ridge has plenty of it.  You can choose from over 20 miles of paths [check out the map HERE], much of it paved for biking as well.  With views of Lake Galena, fall foliage, and interesting wildlife, hiking is a wonderful antidote to cabin fever.

Boating & Fishing

The aforementioned Lake Galena provides plenty of activities of its own to get you outdoors and having fun.  Eagle Ridge provides complimentary canoe and kayak rentals to all of their guests.  My family took advantage of the kayaks to explore the lake and observe the birds, turtles, and fish that make it their home.

If you’re looking for something less active, Eagle Ridge has pontoon boats available as well.  And whether you’re paddling or powering around the lake, you can try your luck at catching dinner.  Fishing poles are another complimentary amenity at Eagle Ridge Resort.

Horseback Riding

I’m very lucky to have kids who are pretty tolerant of being dragged to the golf course.  Their patience was rewarded on this trip in the best way possible: ponies.

The Shenandoah Riding Center, located less than ten minutes from the main lodge at Eagle Ridge Resort, offers horseback riding experiences for people of every age and experience level.  My kids enjoyed the Lead Line experience and are looking forward to going back when they’re a bit older for the Discovery Trail Ride.  Veteran riders will find individual instruction tailored to their skill level.

Family Time

It may be a little trite, but, for as much as my family enjoyed all the activities at Eagle Ridge Resort, the best part was spending time together.  My kids loved simply being in a different environment and my wife and I enjoyed being removed from the routines and stress of daily life.  We played hours of board games and ate long meals free from distractions.

If you need a break from the grind of life in a pandemic, Eagle Ridge Resort is an ideal destination.

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  1. Love the review and the pictures!

  2. A nice write-up with stunning photos but not up to date for current restrictions. The East Course has never been open this season; in addition, there is no indoor dining or bar service offered at the resort at this time. Anyone longing to visit should know their meal and/or entertainment options are very limited because even the town of Galena has shut down indoor services for food and drink. People should be instructed to call ahead for updates or additions to the current guidelines in this area.

  3. For the record, Eagle Ridge has no lake nor stables, or even trails. They belong to other entities.

  4. Marty Carroll

    Was at Eagle Ridge opening day
    Les Harber ,Jay Hass,Miller Barber,Lou Graham,and me Marty Carroll ,former Manager at the Territory Association.Miss it all.Maybe play again.

  5. David Lynch

    Was just at Eagle Ridge this past weekend and it was open for business. However, some of the dining options were limited to The Highlands restaurant by The General golf course as the others were closed due to lack of staff. It was a little hectic at times, but they did their best to accommodate everyone. A little surprised that they closed at 9pm, maybe due to staffing issue? Otherwise it was a great weekend golfing, Food was good and staff were very friendly and accommodating. First time there and definitely will be back as things should be back to normal soon.

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