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The Callaway X Forged UT iron is the most beautiful driving iron on the market.  Not a ton of added forgiveness, but enough for the better player.


I’ve been covering golf equipment for long enough to see a lot of trends come and go.  While I thought that driving irons/utility irons would be another one-season craze, it seems that they’re here to stay.  For 2018, Callaway has released their latest version, the X Forged UT, aimed at players who want to keep that “players” look in their driving iron.


The X Forged UT is gorgeous.  Most driving irons have a healthy amount of offset, thick top lines and soles, and unusual cavities or hollow-bodied designs.  This club has none of that.  The offset is minimal and the top line and sole are moderate in size.  If you want a utility iron that won’t stand out in your bag or jar you at address, this is it.

Sound & Feel

On centered strikes, the X Forged UT gives you a crisp sound and feel that’s tremendously satisfying.

When you miss the center, however, this club is not afraid to let you know.  Both the sound and feel get very dull on mishits, which is better than a stinging rebuke, but not by much.  This is a club for better players, and it has the precise feedback to prove it.


The X Forged UT is a utility iron for better players.  Compared to a regular players iron, the X Forged UT launches a touch higher and is definitely more forgiving on thin strikes.  It also produces slightly higher ball speed and, thus, longer shots.

However, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a very forgiving club.  If you put a shot on the heel or toe, you’ll see ball speed dip dramatically.  Thin shots are helped somewhat, but not as much as they would be with a hybrid.

In short, if you’re currently gaming a long iron and want something a little easier to hit, grab an X Forged UT.  If curiosity or ego is driving you to dump your hybrids, dip your toe into the utility iron game with something more forgiving.


The Callaway X Forged UT is a club that’s well-designed for its target player.  If you have the ball striking ability and club head speed to play a long iron, but want a little more forgiveness, this is a beautiful choice.  For players who need help getting the ball airborne and downrange, stick with hybrids or larger utility irons.

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Callaway X Forged UT Irons Price & Specs

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