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Bushnell Pro X3+ Rangefinder Review

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The Bushnell Pro X3+ rangefinder is among the most advanced lasers available.  Compensates for slope, elevation, and provides wind direction when connected to the Bushnell app.


While there are more rangefinder companies in golf than ever before, Bushnell continues to stand alone as the name most players know and trust.  Their latest top of the line model is the Bushnell Pro X3+, a follow up to the Bushnell Pro X3 rangefinder [review HERE].  With a price tag that also stands alone, is this upgrade worth your money?  Let’s find out.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The basic functions of the Bushnell Pro X3+ rangefinder are similar to any other.  Pressing the Power button turns the device on, and a second press gets your distance.

Pressing the Mode button turns the Elements adjustment on and off.  Holding that button gives you access to functions like adjusting the brightness of the red display, changing from yards to meters, turning on the Bluetooth connection, and setting your elevation.

To take advantage of the new feature in the Bushnell Pro X3+ – wind direction – you need to activate the Bluetooth connection and connect your rangefinder to the Bushnell app.  This isn’t particularly difficult, but it is one more thing you need to do while playing.  Additionally, there is an internal compass that must be calibrated for the wind function to operate.  The calibration is nothing more than rotating the unit in a few directions.

Turning the slope adjustment on and off is done with a slider near the front of the unit.  There’s a clear orange “Slope” that’s exposed when the slope adjustment is on.  A small locking mechanism makes sure that it stays in the intended position.  Turning off the slope adjustment will also turn off the Elements function, making sure you’re tournament legal.

Finally, a feature I really like is the dedicated button for switching between the red and black display.  The round “B” button on the left side of the Pro X3+ has this task.  It seems like this button could be pushed unintentionally, but I did not find that to be the case.

Accuracy & Features

As always, I’ll start with the basics of speed and accuracy.  The Bushnell Pro X3+ is on the leading edge in terms of speed, producing distances the instant you take pressure off the Power button.  As expected, those distances are accurate and consistent, whether straight line or slope-adjusted.  The PinSeeker Visual JOLT makes it obvious when you’ve locked on to the flag.

Next, let’s discuss the new feature on the Pro X3+, wind direction.  While I don’t love needing my phone to get the most out of my rangefinder, the connection from the Pro X3+ to the app was strong.  Every time that I got a yardage, the wind strength and direction popped up next to it.  With every feature turned on, the viewfinder does get a little busy, but my eye learned what to ignore pretty quickly.

The real question is whether there’s value in having the wind direction built into your rangefinder.  I think this is something that’s primarily for the player who is both very competitive and very technical.  Those golfers may use this feature during practice rounds to align their sense of the wind to the measured speed to the impact on their shots.

Another exclusive feature that has carried forward from the Pro X3 is Elements.  If you set your elevation, this rangefinder will add that into the equation when producing an adjusted distance.  Those that have played at high or low elevations know how much impact that can have on your distance, so this is a really beneficial feature for the traveling golfer.

The Bushnell Pro X3+ rangefinder has “Dual Display” – the ability to switch between black and red.  Additionally, there are four levels of brightness for the red display.  This gives the player a wide array of options that make this rangefinder useful in all light conditions.  I found the lowest level of red display was ideal for twilight rounds.

Finally, the Pro X3+ has 7X magnification and a BITE Magnetic Cart Mount.  Most premium rangefinders have 6X magnification, so this is Bushnell staying one step ahead and making it easier to see your target from long distance.  The BITE magnet is one of the strongest I’ve encountered, meaning your laser won’t fall off the cart when you hit rough terrain.


The Bushnell Pro X3+ rangefinder is among the most expensive on the market with a retail price of $599.  You are getting some features that you won’t find anywhere else, but it’s up to the individual to decide what those are worth.

I will note that the Pro X3+ has a quality feel that few other rangefinders can match.  The size and weight – 12 ounces – make it feel substantial, and the button push is satisfying.  Even something as small as the elastic latch on the case is engineered slightly better than most of the competition.

If you want to get nearly the same rangefinder without the wind feature, the Bushnell Pro X3 is now available for $499 HERE.

Please consider supporting Plugged In Golf by buying the Pro X3+ HERE


Bushnell continues to stay on top of the rangefinder game with new features and unimpeachable quality.  The Bushnell Pro X3+ feels great and functions reliably.  Additions like elevation compensation and wind direction can keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Buy the Bushnell Pro X3+ Rangefinder HERE

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