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BubbaWhips are a handcrafted alternative to the plastic driveway markers that many golfers use as alignment aids.  Handpainted hickory lends a stylish, old-school flair to your set.


Finding a hickory shafted golf club on the course is a tall order.  However, finding hickory alignment sticks is much easier.  Those sticks are called BubbaWhips, made by a company founded in Minnesota in 2017.  Thanks to some influential early adopters, these hand painted alignment rods are becoming a common sight on the course and on golf Instagram.


Anything you can do with alignment rods, you can do with BubbaWhips, you’ll just do it a with a bit more panache.  I’m pretty conventional in my use of alignment sticks.  Having one near my toes as a target line is essential.  The other rod is either perpendicular to the first to check ball position, or it’s parallel to the first on the outside of the ball.

The ends of each BubbaWhip are covered in a rounded bit of metal.  This makes them a bit harder to stick into the ground, but the advantage is that they won’t scratch your clubs.  As someone who had a driver and putter defaced by pointy plastic (in the same round!), this is a trade I’ll happily make.


BubbaWhips retail through their website (HERE) for $69/pair.  Some sets, like “The Umbrellas” in Arnold Palmer’s signature colors, go for $99.

Obviously there are far less expensive options for checking one’s alignment, so BubbaWhips aren’t about value as much as they are about having something unique and handmade in your bag.


If your bag needs a style infusion, check out Bubba Whips.   They combine the much-needed function of basic alignment rods with throwback appeal.  They’re also a great, unique gift option for the golfers in your life.

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