Bettinardi H2 Wedge Review

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50 Words or Less

The Bettinardi H2 wedges have great feel, lots of spin, and a well-designed sole.

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It’s rare for a company that’s the best at one thing to delve into a new realm, but that’s exactly what Bettinardi has done by adding wedges to their line up.  They’ve taken their immense knowledge and experience in shaping carbon steel and used it to create wedges that deliver some of the best feel available.

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The H2 wedges deliver the precise look that Bettinardi is known for.  The back of the wedge has a good amount of branding on it, but everything is very crisp, and the black and white paint keep it from looking overdone.  There are two finishes available: satin nickel (left) and cashmere bronze (right).

At address, the wedge has a very rounded look. The leading edge and toe are very soft and the top line slopes steeply into a fairly “short” heel.

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Sound & Feel

When I spoke to Mr. Bettinardi about the H2 wedges, one of the things he really focused on was the feel.  He believes that the feel is part of the performance benefit of these clubs, and I’m inclined to agree with him.  The enhanced feel leads to precise feedback which is essential to high-level wedge play.

These are forged wedges, and they deliver the soft, crisp feel that you’d expect.  The sound at impact is a very full, robust, almost bass-y sound, miles from the thin “click” that you get from many wedges.  It makes the hit very satisfying.

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Beyond the feel, there are two characteristics of the Bettinardi H2 wedge that really drive its performance: the High Helix Cut and the sole.

As we learned from Mr. Bettinardi, the H2 wedge gets its name from the High Helix Cutter, the tool that cuts the grooves in the face of this wedge.  This tool removes material very quickly resulting in a rougher surface and more spin.  In our launch monitor testing we did find this to be true – the H2 wedge spins as much as any other wedge we’ve tested.

To further enhance the performance, Bettinardi is offering three shaft options for these wedges.  For those that want maximum spin, you can choose from the KBS Hi-Rev and Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts.  If you prefer a traditional wedge shaft, you can opt for Dynamic Gold.

While it may not be as sexy as high-spinning grooves, the sole of this club is just as critical to its performance.  Each wedge in this line features a C-grind on the sole.  That means material has been removed from the heel, toe, and trailing edge to increase its versatility.  This sole design was chosen by Mr. Bettinardi based on his experience with PGA Tour players, and it functions wonderfully, even for players without Tour-level short games.

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If you want high spin and exceptional feel from your wedges, the Bettinardi H2 wedges should be at the top of your list.  With their first mass market wedge, they’ve inserted themselves into the same conversation with the best wedge makers in the game.

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  1. Jackson fluck

    Hi there I am Intrested in look at these but I can’t find a place to hit them. Do u know of any place to hit them in the in Minneapolis or St. Paul MN or by St. Cloud MN??

  2. where can I find them in South Fla ?

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