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The AcuAim M-1 mallet putter has a unique orange alignment feature that projects a dot onto the back of the ball.  Good forgiveness.  Customizable for arcing or straight putting strokes.

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Many putters are sold with promises of superior alignment.  Most of the time, the putters feature nothing more than a new arrangement of lines.  AcuAim, on the other hand, has developed something that is genuinely unique with their luminescent centerline.  This bold orange sight line not only aids aim, it may also help golfers focus on the ball.  I tested one to see how it worked.


When you set the Acuaim M-1 mallet down, the feature that demands your attention is the “luminous centerline.”  This thick orange sight line provides high contrast for aiming, and it gives the putter its unique “Spot-On” sighting, which I’ll discuss more later.

The rest of the M-1 mallet has a trapezoidal shape that’s echoed by the cavity cut out in the center.  This all-black body puts all of the focus on the aforementioned centerline.  On the sole, there’s a fairly small section of engraved branding which isn’t paintfilled.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the AcuAim M-1 are pleasantly middle of the road.  On short putts, impact creates a firm “tock.”  Longer putts produce a louder sound that has a slightly hollow quality to it.

So long as the orange line strikes some part of the ball, impact feels very similar.  This is a stable head, and you won’t feel much twisting.  If you have an extreme toe or heel shot, you may feel some twist, and the sound becomes more dull.


Look carefully at the picture above, and you’ll see the “Spot-On” sighting that AcuAim hails as its major advantage.  An orange dot is projected onto the back of the ball which helps the golfer focus on the point of impact during their stroke.  The orange dot is brightest on sunny days but is visible even when it’s overcast.

While there’s no way to measure this, I will say anecdotally that I felt more focused on the ball with the AcuAim putter.  The orange dot was novel and gave me something to focus on during the stroke.  It’s possible that this effect goes away over time, but for the golfer that needs help keeping their eyes on the ball, the AcuAim is one possible solution.

Like most mallet putters, the AcuAim M-1 pushes much of its weight to the perimeter to boost forgiveness.  I found that the M-1 performed as expected on toe and heel mishits, keeping the ball generally on line and getting it most of the way to the cup.

One other strong feature of both AcuAim putters is the ability to customize toe hang.  Most mallets come in a face-balanced configuration only.  AcuAim allows you to choose between face-balanced and a 45 degree toe hang.


If you’re having trouble maintaining your focus on the greens, the AcuAim putter’s “Spot-On” sighting may help.  Combined with the luminous orange alignment aid, it creates a visual package that’s unique among all flat sticks.

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Matt Saternus



    Interesting innovation.
    I wonder if the projection on the golf ball is allowed? Does this putter conforms with the Rules?

  2. Where can you demo this putter and what is the price?

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