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2019 Bettinardi Queen B 5 Putter Review

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The 2019 Bettinardi Queen B 5 putter marries beauty and performance.  Wonderful, responsive feel and a look that will stand out on any putting green.


“Tools not jewels,” grunts the player who last used a headcover during the Clinton administration.  While I respect the concept, I always wonder, “Why can’t they be both?”

Bettinardi’s Queen B putters are Exhibit A in making the case that golf clubs can be functional and beautiful.  Despite being more glammed up than the Studio Stock or BB lines, the Queen B doesn’t lack game.


Where the Studio Stock line tends to take a more utilitarian approach, the Queen B series isn’t afraid to dress up the aesthetics.  This starts with the “Champagne Silver” finish and extends to the elaborate engravings on the sole.

Bettinardi also ups the ante with their Micro Honeycomb face milling, a design that looks more like fine jewelry than a golf club.  In an ultra-crowded putter market, Bettinardi’s Honeycomb milling continues to be a defining touch.

Sound & Feel

In addition to having a unique aesthetic, the Queen B series has a feel that’s distinct from the Studio Stock line.  The Micro-Honeycomb face milling feels firmer and more responsive than the deep F.I.T. Face on the Studio Stock.

One thing that stood out to me was how much the golf ball affects the feel of the Queen B.  With softer putters, many golf balls feel the same.  The Queen B clearly communicates the differences, even between balls that are very similar.

Despite the percussive, solid feel, the feedback from the Queen B is very subtle.  Mishits and pure strikes sound very similar; the difference is felt in the hands.  Centered shots have a crispness that mishits lack.


The Queen B #5 is an Anser-style putter with an extended flange to enhance forgiveness and aid alignment.  As someone who prefers things to look straight and square when I aim, I found the thick top line of the Queen B #5 to be very comforting.  The soft curves at the edges of the flange drew my eye back to the pocket, which frames the ball well.

One thing that surprised me is how much heavier the Queen B #5 felt compared to the Studio Stock 2 that I reviewed previously.  The Queen B #5 is only 4 grams heavier, but something about the design made it feel much more substantial in my hands.

That heavier feel seemed to negate some of the 45 degree toe hang and make the putter swing with less face rotation.  Of course, how it feels in your hands may be entirely different.  What should translate to all golfers is the extra forgiveness.  The Queen B #5 isn’t one of these massive mallets that will forgive awful strokes, but it does provide more stability than your average blade.


There’s no reason to buy a putter that doesn’t perform well, but the Bettinardi Queen B #5 shows us that performance and premium aesthetics can coexist.  The Micro Honeycomb milling alone makes the putter a show stopper, and the premium feel only adds to its case for a spot in the bag.  If you’re changing putters this year – or just adding to a collection – don’t ignore the Queen B.

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  1. Hector R Fernandez

    Very nice review and a good looking putter. I am glad he’s using the honeycomb milling, that’ pure Bettinardi!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the review. Did you test this putter with standard or jumbo grip? Which grip would go better with heavier heads?

    • Matt Saternus


      I tested it with a standard grip. Regarding your second question, it would depend what you’re trying to achieve. A larger, heavier grip will balance out a heavier head to maintain a more “normal” swing weight, but that may not be the result you’re aiming for.



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