2015 Wilson Staff FG Tour Preview – FG Tour V4 Irons & Utility Iron


Replacing the Flagship

For most OEMs, the driver is the flagship product, but Wilson Staff is an iron company and for the last few years, their premier product has been the FG Tour V2 Irons.  For 2015, the V2 is finally being replaced.  With its replacement comes one of Wilson Staff’s most intriguing offering for better players, the V4 Utility Iron.

WS_FGTourV4_UtilityIron_Exploded WS_FGTourV4_Iron_Tungsten

Technology Where You Need It, Not Where You Don’t

As you can see above, Wilson Staff was not afraid to bring some visible technology to their new FG Tour products.  While bringing technology to player’s clubs may not be a totally new concept, the restraint that Wilson Staff used in deploying this technology is.  As I’ll explain below, these new irons have technology that creates performance benefits without losing the artistry of an old school golf club.

Wilson Staff FG Tour 2015 (13)Wilson Staff FG Tour 2015 (16)

Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons

The most anticipated member of the class of 2015 is the Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 iron.  At address, it’s a classic player’s iron like the FG Tour V2 that it’s replacing.  It has a thin top line, moderate sole (reshaped for better turf interaction), and minimal offset.  The V4 throws a splash of gold into the cavity, but otherwise sticks to black and chrome like its predecessors.

What makes this iron more than just another pretty club is the tungsten plug in the sole.  Wilson Staff has used the tungsten to lower the center of gravity (CoG) in the long and mid irons.  This makes the clubs launch higher and more easily without sacrificing feel and shot-shaping ability.  The scoring irons forego the tungsten to keep a penetrating trajectory.

Wilson Staff FG Tour 2015 (3)Wilson Staff FG Tour 2015 (2)

Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Utility Iron

Wilson Staff knew that their FG Tour V4 Utility Iron was a hit when they got immediate play from their PGA Tour staff including Padraig Harrington.  In 2015, the club will be available to those of us who don’t play for a living.  The V4 Utility Iron has a hollow construction, 455 Carpenter steel face, and a sole weight that can be swapped out to dial in the perfect swing weight.  One detail that I really think Wilson Staff nailed was the shaft choice, a 90 gram Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black.

The Utility Iron is going to be available in 18°, 21°, and 24°.

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  1. George Lombard

    I just ordered a set of V 4 WS irons with a 59 gr., regular shaft. I am 75 and nowhere near the 2 handicapper I was thirty years ago. This is my first set of irons with cavity backs and graphite shafts. What can I expect and will these irons be an easy adaptation?

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