Greg Norman Summer/Fall 2016 & Attack Life Apparel Review

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The Greg Norman Summer/Fall 2016 golf apparel line features great touches of style and high performance.  Attack Life is one of the better activewear lines that I’ve worn.

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Ever since Lululemon convinced people that they should spend serious money on their athletic wear, we’ve seen many companies jump into the athletic or “athleisure” marketplace.  Greg Norman’s Attack Life is the latest to pick up on this trend, and, while it would be easy to write this off, that would be a mistake.  This review will also take a look at the latest golf apparel from The Great White Shark.

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Greg Norman’s Summer/Fall 2016 collection is full of pieces with subtle style that will be wearable for seasons to come.  There are some trendier pieces (see below, right), but the shirts you see above are more representative – they’re steps ahead of basics without being so 2016.

The pieces I like most from this current collection are the shorts and jackets because they elevate basic pieces with sharp details.   The blue shorts have a linen texture that’s made them an instant favorite of mine.  Both jackets (a rainproof vest and a quarter-zip pullover) also step up their game with electric blue trim and a great shark fin collar detail, respectively.

The Attack Life apparel, on the other hand, launches with a focus on basics.  T-shirts, sweats, shorts, and jackets come in black, grey and navy with minimal branding.  Some of the t-shirts feature shark-inspired designs, but they’re the exception.

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The fit of the current Greg Norman line is true-to-size.  As you can see, there is some variance in sleeve length from one model of shirt to another, but the fit on the body is consistent (I’m wearing a medium at 6 feet, 190 lbs).

One thing that I like about the layering of this collection is that you can simply wear the same size throughout.  Often you need to size up to get the pullovers and vests to fit comfortably, but I was able to swing easily in a medium jacket over a medium golf shirt.

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While it doesn’t necessarily look like it, every piece in the Greg Norman golf apparel line has great technical performance elements.  All of the shirts are light weight while still retaining a quality feel.  On top of that, they have UV protection, stretch, and moisture wicking.  To boot, none of them require special laundering – “Easy Care,” as the company calls it.

The performance of the Attack Life line is even more impressive.  I wore the Active Hybrid Short and Crew Neck Tee under heavier top layers during a tough, outdoor workout in August.  After I got the sweat-soaked top layers off, I discovered the Attack Life apparel, and my skin, were nearly bone dry.  To wick moisture like that without stinking is an impressive feat.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Attack Life is focused on sustainability.  Every piece in the initial line uses between 40% and 84% recycled polyester.

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Greg Norman’s golf apparel continues to impress me by pairing great performance elements with stepped-up style.  The Attack Life activewear line is an excellent surprise that has earned a regular spot in my gym bag.

Matt Saternus

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