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Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Fairway Wood Review

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Fairway Wood (13)

50 Words or Less

Consistent and versatile.  A welcome change of pace from the “one-use-only” clubs on the market.  Good looks and feel.


Has anyone else noticed that fairway woods are becoming more and more specialized this year?  With a rash of “off-the-tee-only” woods, the concept of a versatile fairway wood is becoming endangered.  Thankfully, Wilson Staff has released the FG Tour M3 fairway wood which can be used easily in a wide variety of situations.  For the skilled fairway wood player, this is a club to be taken seriously.

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At address, the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 gives you a solid, traditional look.  The footprint is medium to slightly compact.  The face is neither too deep to hit off the turf nor too shallow to hit from the tee.  This is rounded out with a dark, matte grey crown that’s free of alignment aids.

Similar to the rest of the series, the look of the rest of the club is classic.  The color scheme is simple, relying on just a few splashes of white and gold mixed with black, and the logos and branding are minimal and tasteful.

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Fairway Wood (15)

Sound & Feel

Much like the look, the sound of the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 will have better players drooling.  At impact, the sound is primarily a quiet, bass-y “thud” with just a hint of metallic “tink” on really pure shots.  It’s very understated, just like the club itself, and very satisfying.

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Fairway Wood (18)

Wilson Staff’s Multi-Fit System

Each of the clubs in Wilson Staff’s new FG Tour M3 line, the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid, feature the Multi-Fit System.  The Multi-Fit System offers players the ability to adjust loft, face angle, and the head weight.

Wilson recommends fitting for weight first, looking for the highest ball speed and the player’s preferred feel.  The different weights are 3, 7, and 11 grams.  While switching weights doesn’t change the feel of the club completely, it is a noticeable difference (approx. 2 swing weights per change).  Players with a strong preference for a certain swing weight or feel should appreciate this bit of adjustability.

After the head weight has been selected, Wilson recommends dialing in the loft for the ideal launch/spin combination, as well as the preferred ball flight.  The driver has the most adjustability, offering lofts from 8.5° to 11.5°.  The fairway woods span 3° also, and the hybrids have a 2° range..

One area where I give Wilson huge credit: they’re the only OEM I’ve seen that clearly acknowledges that changing loft changes face angle (and vice versa) and makes the changes known to the consumer.  In the adjustment manual, there is a table for each club showing the face angle at each loft.

Finally, another big thumbs up to Wilson for including the weight and wrench kit with each club rather than making it available with the driver only or forcing consumers to buy it separately.

M3 FW LM Data


Consistent.  That’s the first word that came to my mind when I ran down the launch monitor numbers and when I had this club on the range and on the course.  Shot after shot, the spin rates were nearly identical which meant consistent ball flight and distance.  So many fairway woods vacillate between producing low runners and high balloons, but the FG Tour M3 sent out piercing missiles swing after swing.  Honestly, if you threw some ugly colors and graphics on this you could almost sell it as a game improvement club.

What keeps the M3 in the realm of the better players is the ball flight.  It does tend to be slightly low, so players who struggle to elevate their fairway woods will want to buy more loft, adjust the club, or consider a different model.  Additionally, the M3 is focused on consistent results, not hitting every fifth shot as long as your driver.  While the ball speed and distance are good, this is not a club for golfers who only want to hit their 3W past their buddy’s 3W. This is a club for better players who want to use their fairway woods in a variety of ways to shoot low scores.

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Fairway Wood (12)


If you’re an above average player looking for a versatile fairway wood, I would strongly recommend that you check out the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3.  This club produces solid, consistent results and can be used in a wide variety of situations unlike many of today’s ultra-specialized offerings.

Price & Specs

The Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 fairway wood retails for $220.

This club is available in 13.5°, 15°, and 17°.  Each club is adjustable down one degree and up two degrees of loft.

The stock shaft is the Aldila RIP Phenom.

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  1. This year, I purchased W/S FG Tour M3 irons that replaced their Ci7’s. W/S irons fit my swing and even MORE so with the M3’s. After reading Matt’s review this morning, w/o testing, I am buying the 13.5 and 17 fairway woods!

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