Why Golf Betting Is So Popular

Anyone with a subscription to TV sports channels will know that you can watch golf around
the clock. Thanks to the various competitions that take place across the course of the
calendar year, there’s a lot more than the four majors for fans to get excited about.

As golf has become more visible, more people take up the sport and invest in the latest golf equipment.  That has prompted betting companies to open more markets for people
to take a punt on their favorite players at a whole host of competitions. But why is golf
betting becoming so popular? And how can you maximize your chances of winning big while
betting on golf?

This article looks at why there’s been an upsurge in golf betting in recent times and what
attracts people to place wagers on the sport.

Golf Is Becoming More Visible

In the 2020-21 season, the PGA tour released a schedule containing 50 events. On top of
that, the European tour scheduled 40 events, and that’s not taking into consideration the
Ryder cup, fringe tours, and other one-off invitationals.

TV viewers can enjoy back-to-back golf around the clock, with breaks in live viewing filled by
tutorials and chat shows hosted by seasoned pros that give a valuable insight into the

With so much golf content to enjoy, it’s little surprise that viewers are motivated to place a
bet on the various tournaments they tune in to. It makes for exciting viewing and gives them
the chance to follow specific players throughout the season.

There Are So Many Markets to Choose From

Golf fans can choose from various markets and bet types when it comes to building a golf
wager. If you do some research, seek out a great page about golf betting, you will learn
some of the popular market choices, including:
 To win bets – All you have to do is study the field and predict who will win the
tournament you’re betting on. You can always bet on a player to place by placing an
each-way bet, which returns you money if your golfer finishes in the top 7 or 8 (the
placing offer depends on the bookie, so check this out before placing your bet).
 Versus the field bets – These bets are a fun way of keeping things interesting as a
tournament enters its last day. For instance, if Tiger is leading by six, you can bet on
anyone to win except him. This opens the field up and allows you to root for any of
the chasing pack.
 Head-to-head bets – These bets are an extremely popular way of following your
favorite golfer’s progress throughout the season. If you don’t fancy him or her to win
outright, you can back him or her to beat a fellow competitor. It doesn’t matter
whether they both miss the cut or finish 35th and 36th. All that matters is that your
selection finishes higher than the other player.
 Futures bets – With the schedule arranged well in advance, you can place bets on a
player’s likelihood to win a competition in the future. At the start of the season, you
usually get excellent odds, and if your selection performs superbly in the lead up to
the tournament, their odds will reduce significantly.

With so many options available and extensive live coverage, it’s clear why golf betting has
become so popular recently.

The Odds Are of Great Value

When you’re preparing a golf bet, you will see great value odds. Often, the favorite for a
tournament is priced at 8-1 or something similar, meaning a $10 stake would return you
$80. Although there’s a lot that can go wrong in an opening round, it’s rare to see such good
value odds on favorites in other sports.

As a perfect recent example, Hideki Matsuyama was 40-1 to win the Masters before the
event kicked off in Augusta this month. How nice to have backed him!

There are so many factors to consider

One of the great things about golf betting is the various factors that need to be taken into
consideration before placing a bet. If you’re prepared to do your research, you can pick a
winner with long odds. For instance, understanding a course layout and how it suits certain
players, studying form and previous performance, and looking into weather conditions can
help you identify which golfer stands a good chance of winning an upcoming tournament.
The more golf you watch, the more you will learn about the factors that affect performance,
and the more profitable your bets will become.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to its increased visibility and the fact that punters can select a variety of markets,
golf betting is more popular than ever. With great value odds available that reward
research, and extenuating factors that can affect performance, it’s an excellent sport to get
into and to add to your online sportsbook.

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