TravisMathew Rewards Program

TravisMathew Rewards Program

Intrigued by photos of some new TravisMathew Destination gear on their social feed, I hopped onto the TM website over the weekend.  But before I could commence shopping, a glorious graphic befell my eyes – TM Rewards.

Free to join, the lure of free shipping was more than enough to entice me to signup.  All that was required was my name, email and a password.  I was instantly a member.  What other benefits are part of the TravisMathew Rewards program?  Tons.

TM Rewards members get free shipping and returns, earn points on purchases, and can even earn exclusive free products.  For every $1 spent on qualifying purchases at or a TravisMathew Company Store, you receive five (5) loyalty points.  500 points earns a $5 reward.  Getting rewarded is easy.

Members can unlock extra points by adding to their profile, completing earning activities and even referring friends.  The Rewards Dashboard page keeps track of everything for you.  I really enjoyed the wishlist feature where I could tag products that caught my eye.

Like any great rewards program, the more you spend the greater the benefits.  Move from Plus to Preferred and even Executive status simply by buying more of your favorite TravisMathew or Cuater gear.  Once you’ve hit a specific amount within the calendar year, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next level, gaining you access to new glorious benefits and gifts.

Whether you are a new fan of the brand or a long time loyalist, the TM Rewards Program was created just for you.

Learn more and join TravisMathew Rewards HERE

Matt Meeker

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