The ultimate golf guide for beginners—everything you need before taking your first swing

The ultimate golf guide for beginners—everything you need before taking your first swing

We’re all gearing up for the golf season that’s kicking off at the end of April — and although it’s been a quiet break for us golfers, now is the time for newbies to pick up this famous game. If you’ve found yourself with some extra time, now could be the perfect opportunity to hone your swing. Golf in its entirety relies on a vast outdoor area, and there isn’t a need for people around you, which is great for introverts (although it can be played in groups too). But alas, there is one key concept you need to get to grips with before you start taking up the game. 

To begin appreciating it for what it is, you should understand that it’s an extremely hard game — as opposed to the other options on the market. It brings with it a need for an array of equipment, and a certain dress code that could put off anyone who is coming into the game bleary-eyed and none the wiser. In reality, it’s not for everyone, but when you get past those elements, you can begin to love golfing for what it stands for. And that it is a brilliant game that lasts a lifetime. 

Our opinion is that you shouldn’t stress: instead, set yourself up for success and listen to our tips on coming into the game cold turkey. We’ve all been bad at some point in our lives (or might still be struggling) and that’s okay — everyone starts from somewhere. Who knows, you could be on the way to golf success in an instant, and then golf weekends are just a blink away. But, before you start planning those trips away with the guys, let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you take that first swing. 

Oh, and forget about stocking up on the fanciest golf shoes before you learn the basics. Ever heard of “all the gear, no idea”? Exactly. So, what are the absolute basics you need to start learning golf?

We know that when you’re watching Tiger Woods win his 82nd official PGA Tour event, you’re thinking all of his clubs (and skills) look intimidating — but in reality, for beginners, it isn’t so bad. The pros need all the gear because they have every idea – and people like him are the reason golf is such a watched sport. Okay, it may not pull the same crowds as soccer or hockey, but it’s still got a lot of attention and a huge betting world backing it up. If you’re thinking of taking a flutter on golf (after all, it’s a fun way to get into the game), he’d be one of our top sports betting picks, to be honest. We all know he’s pretty much the best of the best!

But let’s turn our attention back to you. When you get started, you just need to strip it back and begin by learning the skills and having a basic club. 

Everybody wonders whether they are using the correct club first and foremost, and like everything with the game of golf, the key is to build up your options gradually. You certainly do not need 14 clubs in your bag, so spending a small fortune is off the table. 

All we recommend for you to start with is one club that you can hit off the tee on around par 4, sometimes par 5. You then need two to three clubs, like the pitching wedge or 7-iron, for advancing the ball down the fairway in 150-yard gaps. And then a sand wedge to use on the green and greenside bunkers, and finally, a putter. That in total is around 5 to 6 clubs as a whole, and you can either get limited sets or used ones from resale sites. This will save you money and time when seeking out the perfect set to take with you on your first tee-off. If you’ve got cash to spare and you’re keen to invest, you could opt for clubs designed specifically for beginners.

Now you’ve got the clubs, you need something to house them in. If you’re lucky enough to snag a good set on the second-hand market, then you’ve bagged yourself a golf bag, too. But if not, they usually go up to around 100 bucks, so make sure you’re in it for the long term before you invest the cash. 

Tees are obviously paramount for any golfer, and although they are given out in abundance at most clubs — add a pack to your golf bag and they’ll last you years to come. Another necessity is a divot tool, which (although you may not need it at the beginning) is a key compartment to any golfer’s arsenal once the swings start to hit greens. It repairs marks on the green and is a tool that we all use when pottering about, teeing off. 

And finally? A Towel. Not for your face, but for those precious clubs. It comes in handy when you need to keep your clubs shiny and clean, but also helps that splatter from landing on your face when you start a swing. Take it from us — do not forget the towel. 

For a game that lasts a lifetime, we’re pretty sure you can start off for under a couple of hundred bucks, until you turn pro — and want to ramp up your collection. Either way, this should see you through and start you off at a good speed.

The more you play, the more you’ll pick up all the nuances that come with the game of golf. Go forth with our beginners’ recommendations and you’ll soon pick up some extra tips from your newfound golf chums — because everybody was a beginner at some stage. 

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