The Most Prestigious Courses on the Canadian PGA Tour

What are the most prestigious courses on the Canadian PGA tour?

Golf is a much-loved sport. From the UK to Australia, fans of the addictive game regularly follow the action from several respected competitions, such as the PGA Tour Canada. The PGA Tour Canada, also known as the Canadian Tour, is a men’s professional golf tour that is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. 

For the golfers who take part in Canada’s major golfing competition, the array of gorgeous golf courses throughout the country is what makes it such an attractive tour to be a part of. The fans in this part of the world are lucky enough to be able to immerse themselves in the action and cheer their favourite golfers on while exploring some of the country’s finest venues, too. After all, golf fans are certainly a dedicated bunch. Not only are they regularly at the driving range attempting to improve on their consistency, but they’re reading up on golf-related content and making the most of betting opportunities through the likes of Sports Interaction Canada, a major player on the online sports wagering scene for over two decades. Some of the golf courses that make up the PGA Tour Canada are breathtakingly beautiful also, with fans flocking to venues for the major competitions on the calendar.

Given the extensive selection of golf courses in Canada, it’s a tour many players are privileged to be a part of. Additionally, the rich history attached to some of the most prestigious courses makes it a huge honour for many of the Canadian’s Tour’s top professionals. Not everyone is necessarily aware of the most prestigious courses on this particular tour, though, especially when assessing the extensive coverage given to other courses from other tours, such as Augusta National. With that in mind, let’s take a brief look at some of the most prestigious courses on the Canadian PGA tour. 

St.George’s Golf & Country Club 

This year’s RBC Canadian Open host course was designed by Stanley Thompson and is widely regarded as being one of the most challenging courses on the calendar. Famous for its pristine greens, this in-city location is a favourite for many golfers on the tour. 

Calgary Golf & Country Club 

Steeped in history after being formed in 1897, the Calgary Golf & Country Club oozes opulence. The club relocated from its original location in 1908, with the first course being created by a respected name in Tom Bendelow. 

Cabot Cliffs

We couldn’t really leave Cabot Cliffs off the list, could we? Designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, it’s widely regarded as being the ultimate golf course in Canada, particularly given its wide variety of holes. There are holes climbing into the highlands, alongside completely different options, such as ocean holes. Cabot Cliffs certainly provides a stern test for many accomplished players. 

Beaconsfield Club de Golf

With several memorable tournaments being held there, the Beaconsfield Club de Golf is a favourite for many golfers on the tour and keen players outside of the professional game. The Canadian Open has been hosted there twice, with American golfers coming out on top on both occasions. 


Despite the name being quite a mouthful, golfers and fans alike generally have a soft spot for Laval-sur-le-lac. A pristine course that rose to prominence after hosting the second Canada Cup in 1954, it has hosted several iconic moments from the sport. A challenging course on the whole, Laval-sur-le-lac is most definitely one of the most prestigious golf courses Canada has to offer. 

Other prestigious courses on the Canadian Tour include Lambton Golf & Country Club, The National Golf Club of Canada, Point Grey Golf & Country Club, Scarboro Golf & Country Club, and Toronto Golf Club. 

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  1. Kind of a strange article. It’s talking about the Canadian PGA Tour, but then it’s talking about the RBC Canadian Open which is on the regular PGA Tour. I just looked at the 2022 schedule for the “PGA Tour Canada” and none of these courses were played last year. So is this article about the different courses that the RBC Canadian Open is played on or about some other Canadian tour. Would love to hear more about Canadian courses.

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