Must-Visit Golf Courses Around the World for Every Golfer

Must-Visit Golf Courses Around the World for Every Golfer

Golfing is good for your health, socialization, and networking. Most of the golf courses around the world are versatile. They provide a welcoming environment for beginner and experienced golfers. What distinguishes golf courses are tournaments, prestige, and location. Amenities, scenery, layout, and design also matter in golf courses. They offer exceptional services, luxurious clubhouses, and breathtaking scenery. Here are top world pristine golf courses with world-class design and structures.

Enhancing Your Golf Skills: Learning from the Best Courses

Exploring the world’s top golf courses isn’t just about enjoying the game on renowned greens; it’s also a unique opportunity to enhance your skills by learning from the best. Many of these must-visit courses offer professional coaching, state-of-the-art training facilities, and unique challenges that can significantly improve your game. At St. Andrews, you can learn strategic play, while Pebble Beach is perfect for mastering precision shots. Each course provides distinct lessons that can elevate your golfing prowess. For golfers who may be juggling learning challenges, custom writing services EduBirdie can help close those gaps, allowing them to focus entirely on enjoying the game and improving their skills without the distraction of unresolved academic issues.

Pebble Beach Golf Links, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links, California was started in 1919. Since then, it has hosted some of the most prestigious tournaments. It has hosted the annual AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and the US Opens many times. Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus are popular names that won medals in this course. 

This heritage golf course is located on the Pacific coastline. Surrounding the course are rocky cliffs, beautiful landscapes, and the ocean. This 18-hole course has top unique features. Some of its key facilities are the Pebble Beach Lodge and the Spanish Bay Inn. This facility is welcoming to experienced and beginner golfers. The facility is open to the public regardless of their experience.

The top golf courses in the world go beyond having fun on green fields. This experience also offers a chance to learn golf tricks from the world’s best. Most of these top courses provide training by experts. They boast of the best training facilities globally. You get unique playing challenges that improve your game skills. At St. Andrews for instance, you will learn strategic play. Pebble Beach is excellent for harnessing precise shots. Each of these courses teaches players a unique skill or experience. They help you become a better golfer in all ways.

St Andrews Links, Scotland

St Andrews Links, Scotland is often referred to in golf news as the home of golf. Established in 1754, this makes it one of the oldest courses globally. It has hosted some of the most prestigious tournaments throughout the centuries. 

This field is established along the scenic Scottish coastline. Its natural beauty includes bushes, dunes, and bunkers. One of the course’s unique features is the Swilcan Bridge on the 18th hole. The Hell Bunker on the 14th hole is another iconic feature. At the 17th Road Hole the luxurious Old Course Hotel. The course is open to every golfer no matter the experience level.

Augusta National in Georgia

Augusta National in Georgia has hosted The Masters Tournament since 1934. This course provides breathtaking uniquely manicured greens. Golfers and visitors get welcomed to a stunning view when flowers bloom in Spring.

The Amen Corner distinctly stands out on the 11th to 13th holes. Rae’s Creek is another feature that offers strategic views. The course has a challenging elevation even for skilled golfers. This course boasts an array of quality hospitality and luxury amenities. 

The facility is open to the public during the Masters Tournament. During this season, the public mingles with the world’s renowned golfers. New members are welcome to join this exclusive membership club.

Golf Club Patriziale Ascona, Switzerland

Golf Club Patriziale Ascona, Switzerland was established in 1928. This club has been critical in promoting golf culture in Switzerland. The course is located in Ticino, a beautiful place along the Swiss Alps and Lake Maggiore. Its design includes the Ticino’s natural terrain.

The field is highly engaging due to the strategically placed bankers around the field. The facility has a luxury cloud house with fine dining. Golfers with any skill level are welcome to this facility. 

Taking the best advantage of golf courses

Follow the following tips to enjoy the best benefits from golf courses.

  • Book early and plan well. Book early and look out for special deals. It is more convenient to use online booking. 
  • Be safety conscious. Follow all safety rules and explore the course with respect. Practice personal and corporate safety.
  • Visit during the best season. The best season to visit and use golf courses is summer. This season attracts huge crowds.
  • Bring your playing gear. Carry your accessories and wear the right attire. You may rent accessories if you lack your own.
  • Enjoy every moment. Enjoy the games, scenes, and environment. Visit the amenities to get time to relax.


The top golf courses in the world provide a luxurious and unique experience. They have a great historical significance to players and the public. Make sure you book early to avoid disappointments. Follow the rules and enjoy the best you can.

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