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Kakadu Golf Glove Review

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Kakadu golf gloves offer great feel and superior wet-weather performance through the use of kangaroo leather.


I’m starting to believe there’s a rule that says, “If you make a glove from kangaroo leather, you have to give it a funny name,”  Names aside, Kakadu’s kangaroo golf gloves offer all the things you want from a glove: comfort, grip, and durability.

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As you can see in the graphic above, kangaroo leather is reputed to be one of the toughest materials available.  Having used kangaroo gloves before, I can certainly attest to its superior life span.  The PluggedInGolf team has been using Kakadu gloves for a few months and have yet to report a single issue.  Moreover, there isn’t even an indication of tears or holes to come – the gloves still look practically new.

Kakadu provides some interesting information about why kangaroo leather is so good HERE.

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You might expect that a leather which is stronger and more durable would also be thicker, but you’d be wrong: kangaroo leather is not only tougher but thinner than cabretta.  This means that in addition to great longevity, Kakadu gloves offer great feel.  Anyone who golfs knows that increased sensitivity in your hands is critical, particularly when hitting delicate chips and pitches.

The one critique I heard from a tester related to heat.  He felt that the Kakadu glove was hotter than others that he has used.  This could be related to his glove being black instead of white, so if heat is a concern, opt for white.

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Durability and feel are great, but they obviously don’t mean much if you can’t hold on to the club.  Thankfully, this is not a concern with Kakadu gloves.  In dry conditions, Kakadu provides grip equal to any traditional glove.  In wet conditions, Kakadu separates itself by maintaining its grip instead of becoming a slippery mess like most gloves.  This means that you can wear your Kakadu glove in rain or shine, negating the need to carry a separate set of rain gloves.

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At $25 per glove, a Kakadu glove is a little more expensive than your typical golf glove, but there is a clear reason for the higher price.  Kakadu’s kangaroo gloves last longer than other gloves and perform better in the rain, all without sacrificing feel.

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If you’re sick of tearing through gloves after a couple rounds or tired of carrying separate gloves for wet conditions, I would strongly recommend checking out Kakadu golf gloves.  These gloves are made from 100% kangaroo leather which is stronger, lighter, and thinner than traditional leathers.

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  1. steven e. plyler

    Thank you for your insights as over time I have come to trust that your hands on approach is reliable. As a golfer with too many extra clubs begging to get out of that dark closet, I have wrestled for years if indeed Kakadu Golf Gloves can be that good, I am confident after reading your review, who I trust as within reason a realistic opinion, ordering one now. The best golf I have used so far in my extended golfing life is the Bionic Golf Glove – Stablegrip is the best so far – the difference is after many rounds, the Bionic still feels the same and the fit is consistent – as compared to the others in the marketplace – they feel great and are great for a round or two, but they are not durable as goes wear and fit. Sure Tour Pro’s can change many times even in a round, but the average golfer, frankly we have so much on our minds as we try to shoot that magical round we have dreamed all week I was going to shoot – not!

  2. Bought my first Kakadu glove around 2012 I think from which turned out to be the only shop in Holland stocking them. The L fitted me perfectly and everything the review says is true: grip in rain, durability. By now there probably will be a couple of thinner ones, but they only last so many rounds. A couple of years later I bought another 4 which turned out to be just in time as the shop stopped stocking them.
    Now it’s 2023, I am down to the last one, and I ordered them straight from the webshop in Australia, thank god they are still in business. Advantage: the Australian dollar now more than compensates for the shipping cost! I would say they’re an absolute steal now

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