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Join Us On Levellr!

Today, Plugged In Golf is launching our own Levellr community which you can join HERE

I’ll explain the details of what it is, but first let me explain why we’re doing it.

Getting More Golf In Our Lives

For most of us, golf is a once a week thing.  No matter how much we love it, obsess over it, dream about it, reality doesn’t allow for more than one round and maybe a range session.  We.  Want.  More.

So if we can’t play golf daily, let’s create a place where we can meet with other golf-obsessed people and talk gear, Tour, swing, and everything else about this game.  Levellr is going to be that place.  Unlike social media, Levellr is a truly social space where we can all get together to talk about the game that we love and get more golf in our lives.

Join Plugged In Golf on Levellr HERE

Shape the Future of Plugged In Golf

Since its inception, Plugged In Golf was designed to be a resource for golfers.  The best way for us to continue that mission is to listen to our biggest fans and give them the reviews, instruction, and other golf content that they’re looking for.

On Levellr, you’ll be connected directly with the entire Plugged In Golf staff.  You’ll see behind the scenes, and you’ll have a voice in the content we create.  Together, we can make this site better than it’s ever been.

Join Plugged In Golf on Levellr HERE

A Chance For Us to Connect & Give Back

Levellr is our chance to connect directly with you and provide you with exclusive content and opportunities.  From unique giveaways to live talks with industry insiders, we will be pulling out all the stops to thank our biggest fans.

Join Plugged In Golf on Levellr HERE

What Is Levellr?

Now let’s get into the nuts and bolts.  Levellr runs on the Telegram app, which works on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Telegram is a messaging app, and Levellr is what allows us to create our exclusive group chat/chat room/group text/call it what you will.

Joining the Plugged In Golf Levellr Community costs $6.99/month, less than two Pro V1s.  There is a free two week trial, so everyone can check it out at no risk.  You can sign up to try it out HERE

What Do You Get?

When you joined our Levellr community, you’re going to see three chats: Plugged In Insider, Plugged In Equipment, and Plugged In Golf Chat.  This may change over time as the community evolves, but for now it’s how we’ll organize the conversation.

Plugged In Equipment will be the place to talk gear.  You can get further in-depth on our reviews, ask gear questions, see sneak previews of upcoming reviews, share your WITB…anything related to golf equipment.

Plugged In Golf Chat will be the catchall place for golf discussions.  You’ll be able to talk Tour, golf swing, find a local game, or just complain about the bad breaks you got in your last round.

Plugged In Insider will be the home for exclusive content.  We’ll be hosting live video chats, running contests, and giving you the opportunity to talk directly to industry insiders.

Sound like fun? Join Plugged In Golf on Levellr HERE

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