How Many Golf Courses are There in Ohio and Which are the Best?

How Many Golf Courses are There in Ohio and Which are the Best?

Ohio is a fascinating place in the Midwest, which is adorned with rich history, and culture, but also numerous outdoor activities that attract many tourists and which the locals adore. One of the many activities that everyone loves is golf, and Ohio, which is often celebrated for its rich sports culture, is home to a large number of beautiful, luxurious golf courses. Over the years, golf courses have become places of true socializing, relaxation, fun, and of course, a professional approach to golf as a sport, cherished by both young and old. Let’s go on a trip where we will find out exactly how many golf courses there are in Ohio and which are the best and why.

Golf Courses in Ohio

Ohio is currently the number one state with 774 open golf courses, followed by Pennsylvania which has 697, which indicates the extreme golf popularity in Ohio. Even though some are public, and others are private or owned by the municipality, the variety is loved by Ohio citizens, as everyone has the opportunity to find something according to their preferences, whether they prefer scenic, competitive experience, or something else. Oldest course in Cincinnati and it was established in 1895, the largest course is Scarlet, the easiest ClearCreek, while the hardest one is the Muirfield Village course.

Criteria for choosing the “best” Golf Course

One of the reasons why people love golf is that it is an outdoor activity, where you spend hours in the sun and fresh air, surrounded by beautiful nature, so choosing the right golf course plays an important role in the overall experience. Those slightly more passionate players have a few more criteria when choosing the right golf course, and in addition to natural beauty, they include the following:

Availability – it is a big thing to have the possibility to choose the terms for playing without restrictions, which often spoil the competitive spirit or the desire to play.

Condition and maintenance – a good golf course will exude “freshness”, i.e. preserved greenery, and clean and clear roads, which will also contribute to the game.

Affordability – Golf is a fairly expensive sport, but there are still different membership prices. Therefore, good research on what the price includes is key to a positive experience.

Other criteria that should be considered are the challenge of the course, varied hole styles, social environment, as well as good course architecture.

Top 3 Picks in Ohio

  • Muirfield Village Golf Club

The first place is occupied by the course built by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, better known as “the Golden Bear”, and it is considered the most complicated course in Ohio and beyond. What is specific about the course is that Jack worked a lot on this course, and changed the holes again and again. The last renovation was also the most extensive, and during that time all the holes were rebuilt, and the greens were changed, but strategic changes were also made to the iconic par 5s and par 3s 16th. However, it seems that “the Golden Bear” is still not satisfied with his course, so he announced changes with the 16th hole.

  • The Golf Club

This golf course was built way back in 1966, and it was designed by Pat Dyes, who decided to deviate from conventions on this field, so he drew inspiration from what he saw in Scotland in 1963. However, as he was unable to come up with an adequate solution on his own, he decided to listen to the interesting suggestions of a local, then-still young man, Jack Nicklaus, which resulted in a five-year design partnership. Unlike Muirfield Village, there hasn’t been much change here, 45 years to be exact, until Pete returned in 2014 to rebuild the holes and adjust the green contours to match today’s green speeds.

  • Camargo Club

The course designed by Seth Raynor, which was completed in 1927, one year after his death, ranks third on the list of the best golf courses in Ohio. The superintendent, William Jackson, was almost 100% faithful to Raynor’s designs, but he decided on two modifications, turning the 16th into a par 14 and the 17th into a par 5. The course underwent several changes, with Robert von Hagge adding inappropriate bunting at the beginning 1960s, and twenty years later Tom Doak replaced them with bunkers in the style of geometric shapes and greenery. One of the final changes included the addition of six acres of reclaimed fairway to widen the back left portion of Road Green and define the size of the property.

For those who love and know golf, but do not prefer physical activity, golf is also available on legal online betting platforms in Ohio, where you can learn all about Ohio sports betting, and find information about golf tournaments and odds. Whether you prefer to play or bet on golf, what is certain is that no one can remain indifferent to the beauty of golf courses, and there are quite a few in Ohio.

Lastly, we can say that Ohio is a veritable golf lover’s paradise, offering nearly 800 golf courses to satisfy every taste or skill level, for both beginners and professionals. The biggest legends like Jack Nicklaus and Pat Dyse worked on the designs of the golf course, which promises a flawless playing experience while enjoying nature. If you are new to this sport, we recommend that you think about the factors mentioned above that can help you choose the right terrain, or simply contact someone more experienced who has experienced various terrains.


  1. Buckeye Golfer

    As a Buckeye, disappointed in this. 1.) 2 of the 3 courses are private. That should take them off the list right there. 2.) Two of the three are in Columbus. There’s great golf elsewhere in Ohio. If we’re strictly talking “best”, Inverness in Toledo and Canterbury in Cleveland might want to have a word (and have the major pedigree to back it up).

    • OhioGolfDude

      I have to agee here. It’s also kind of a shame that ONLY 3 out of 774 were highlighted. How about a Top 25 in the state? This article feels a bit like clickbait. Disappointing.

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