Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons Review

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The Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons are beautiful, sweet-feeling players irons with sneaky upgrades that make them easier to hit.


In the FG Tour irons, Wilson Staff has quietly built one of the best lines of irons in golf.  Each iteration has offered a substantial performance upgrade while maintaining the look and feel of a traditional players iron.  The FG Tour V6 builds on the tungsten weighting used in the FG Tour V4 to take the performance to an even higher level.


Beautiful.  From the moment I unboxed these irons, I was taken by their classic good looks.  Wilson Staff went with a high-polish chrome for the FG Tour V6, and it gives them great visual pop.  To balance the shine, they kept the graphics and colors very understated – primarily black with the smallest splash of gold.

At address, these irons have a small profile with thin soles and top lines and modest heel-to-toe lengths.  In short, they’re everything that a better player wants to see.

Sound & Feel

As good as the FG Tour V6 irons look, they feel even better.  These irons are soft and sweet when you catch the ball perfectly, and they provide excellent feedback.  There’s a clear gradient of feel: small mishits still feel pretty good, big misses return a firm rebuke to your hands.


There are two things that make the Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 top performers: tungsten weighting and an inspired choice of shaft.

Wilson Staff first showed us the tungsten sole weighting in the FG Tour V4.  In that set, the long irons had a weight in the middle of the sole and the short irons didn’t.  The FG Tour V6 ups the ante by adding a third configuration.  Now the long irons have tungsten weights in the heel and toe to promote high launch and forgiveness.  The middle irons have the weight in the center of the sole to promote easy launch, and the scoring irons go without tungsten to keep the ball flight low.

While we remain huge advocates of being fit for the best shaft for your swing, credit has to be given to Wilson Staff for choosing the Dynamic Gold AMT as the stock shaft.  You can read the full review HERE, but the short version is that the AMT gives you Dynamic Gold’s trademark stability and control while reducing the weight as the clubs get longer.  The lighter shaft, paired with the tungsten weighting, makes for some of the longest, easiest-to-hit long irons in any players set.


The Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons are a perfect next step in a great line of irons.  They retain the best parts of the previous iterations – beautiful looks, pure forged feel, and shot control – while adding a new element that makes the long irons easier to hit.  This set needs to be on the must try list for all good and aspiring players.

Buy Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons HERE

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Matt,

    From what I saw when placed side by side, the V6s have a thinner top line and a slightly thinner sole than the V4. They have added 2 grams of tungsten to the 4-7 irons, and they split the tungsten on the 4 and 5 iron. And yes, the shaft is different.

    Putting aside the shafts, will the V6s play that much differently from V4s from 6 iron down? I would think the slightly wider sole of the V4 would give just that little bit more forgiveness. The 4 and 5 irons, the split tungsten will probably maintain club head stability for the V6s.

    Nice improvements, but probably not that much change.

  2. Tom Duckworth

    Hi Matt I seem to remember that you played the V2s for a season at least I remember your review
    was part of why I bought a set. V2s feel solid and I have loved them. Do you think the V6s are a big improvement?
    The soles are more rounded now did you notice that through the grass? I do feel like sometimes the V2s get hung up a little. Is the tungsten that noticeable? They look great they look a little smaller and thinner than my V2s.

    • Matt Saternus


      At the risk of sounding too clever, define “big”. I think the V6 is better looking, as you mention, and I think the rounded edges do create nicer turf interaction. The tungsten does improve the performance in measurable ways, but it’s not night and day. I think the V6 certainly merits a head to head test with your V2s.



  3. How would you say these compare to the Cobra King Tour (or previous Fly-Z+ Forged which is essentially the same exact thing)? Mostly interested in a comparison of forgiveness. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the Cobra King Tour, so I can’t give a conclusive answer.



      • javier garcia medina

        And compared to Titleist cb 716?

        • Matt Saternus


          I’d take the Wilson’s 10 times out of 10. Better feel, more forgiveness. Easy choice.



          • Thanks for the answer.
            I have two options, these Wilson irons for 750 euros or Titleist ap2 714 for 350, both new. I don’t know which one I should get.

  4. I haven’t played Wilson irons in a long, long time but these give me a whole new perspective about them. I really like the fact that the lofts aren’t jacked-up and the rounded soles are a plus. Will have to give these a shot, if I can find them at a big box store in my area. Don’t know if my 14 HDCP will be enough to make me want to buy them though.

  5. John Rogers

    Just got the V6 and been playing Wilson for last few years and they get better each time. Had the V2s, and still have a set of C100, and C200s and the V6 with Wilsons KBS Tour 80 Shaft, great, soft, workable, and strong and long. I also get the Triton Dr. which after a little work is long and straight, very straight. Wilson is back.

  6. What club is easier to hit and more forgiving, The Wilson V6 or the Hogan Ft. Worth Irons?

  7. Michael Johnson

    I play he Callaway Apex irons with the recoil shaft. Thinking about the v-6 Wilson irons. How do think they compare ?

    • Michael,

      With the caveat that I haven’t tested them head to head: I think the Apex may be a bit longer and it will likely feel hotter. The V6 has a more traditional forged feel. V6 probably a little more traditional looking.



  8. Matt.
    Are these irons more a players iron or a GI iron?

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