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The D300 irons from Wilson Staff provide ample forgiveness and powerful, effortless distance.

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Wilson Staff has worked hard the past couple of years for increased market position with innovative products and programs like Driver vs. Driver.  Building on the success of the C200 irons last year, Wilson Staff designers have incorporated much of the same technology into the new D300 irons.

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The D in D300 irons stands for Distance.  Wilson Staff doesn’t try to disguise who these irons are intended for: one looks tells you they are all about distance and forgiveness.  The use of polished and satin stainless steel finishes distinguishes various parts of the club head.  Making the heel and toe weighting appear segmented keeps the overall look sleeker and breaks up the lines of the wide sole.  The cavity incorporates the W/S shield and color ways, completing a visually appealing iron.

I couldn’t help but notice that at address, the top line of the D300s looks very similar to the C200s I play.  Utilizing the FLX Face technology, Wilson Staff has managed to keep the top line relatively thin for a super game improvement iron.  I included photos in the slideshow at the bottom of my C200 7 iron and the one from this set of D300s.  You can see there’s more offset, and the wider sole becomes visible at address in the D300s.

Wilson Staff D300 - 50

Sound & Feel

Even though the club head looks stout, when combined with the KBS Tour 80 shaft, the club feels light.  Being able to feel the club head provides confidence that you can make a good strike on the ball.  Center strikes feel effortless across the D300s set.  With so much weight along the bottom, thin hits offer firm feedback.  The sound is remarkably muted, which I attribute to the urethane used in the power holes.

Wilson Staff D300 - 60


Straight, high, and long.  Need I say more?  Oh yeah, and forgiving.  The heel-toe weight ‘pods’ provide what Wilson Staff calls “extreme forgiveness”.  Unless I caught the ball right on the perimeter, it always seemed to launch.   And the sweet spot on the D300s is about the size of a silver dollar.

All the D300 irons were going 5-10 yards longer than my gamers.  Granted the lofts are 2° stronger and the shafts ¼” longer, but the trajectories were also impressive.  Between the FLX Face technology and urethane fillers, these irons are powerful.

When I opened this section with ‘straight’, I meant it.  The most I could achieve was a hint of a draw or the slightest of fades.  Same applies to trajectory.  Towering apexes are standard and hitting a low iron under a tree branch is challenging.  Don’t get me wrong, those attributes are awesome for most golfers and make the game more enjoyable.  I’m strongly considering putting the 4 iron in my bag for long par 3’s and confident layups on par 5’s.

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I was looking through an autobiography of Arnold Palmer, and I marveled at how Wilson Staff was a big part of Mr. Palmer’s career.  In fact, Wilson Staff irons have been used to win more majors (61) than any other brand.  The new D300 irons may not make their way as a full set into the bags of tour staffers, but don’t be surprised to see a few irons in play this season.  For the average golfer who struggles with getting the ball in the air or in the fairway, these are a worthy consideration.  Forgiving and easy to hit, the D300 irons from Wilson Staff might bring fun back to your golf game.

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Matt Meeker

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.


  1. Do you recommend the D300 over the Ping G’s for a 16 handicap golfer.

    • Matt Meeker

      I don’t have any experience with Ping G’s Mike. Hit them both and see which one looks and performs better for you. Working with a qualified fitter like Club Champion takes all the guess work out.


      Matt M

  2. How are the KBS 80 compare to KBS 90 ? I would love to get a set of these. With the traditional wilson staff colors these clubs look awesome .

    • Matt Meeker

      I agree, they do look pretty awesome Robin. I haven’t hit KBS Tour 90s in a while, so I can’t offer any direct comparisons. But the KBS Tour 80s should have similar characteristics, just slightly lighter weight. As always – hit & get fit.

      Matt M

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