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Tourney golf apparel is affordably priced and of good quality.  Lack of stretch may be a deal breaker for some.


Golf can be expensive, and golf apparel is often a big part of that.  Shirts from the big names can cost $70 or more, and pants sometimes cross into triple digits.  For the players that would rather save their money for greens fees, Global Golf has launched Tourney.  With prices that top out at $40 per item – and discounts when you buy in pairs – they seek to provide quality at an affordable price.


All of the items that I tested claimed to be moisture wicking.  This is hardly unique in modern golf apparel – more of a prerequisite, really.  Summer hasn’t been very hot in Chicago, but I did find that the Tourney apparel kept me dry.  It’s solidly middle of the road in terms of sweat management.

Tourney also promotes their apparel as being easy care.  I found that the clothes did take a washing well – no shrinkage or color loss – and didn’t require any special laundering.

The one concern I have with Tourney is the lack of stretch in the material.  Particularly given the sizing (more on that below), I think some stretch would make the apparel much more comfortable during the swing.

Style & Fit

Both the tops and bottoms from Tourney are cut on the smaller side.  They’re not uber-slim, but they’re definitely not vanity sized.  In the shirts, I liked the cut of the torso, but I found the chest and sleeves a little snug.  The shorts and pants were a good fit for me with consistent sizing from the waist through the thigh.

Stylistically, Tourney’s initial line is conservative.  The shirts are all solids offered in six different colors and the bottoms are available in four neutral tones.


Given the reasonable prices, I think that Tourney golf apparel provides very solid value.  The lack of stretch in the material and the traditional sizing are important to keep in mind when ordering, but otherwise the performance is satisfactory.  If you want to keep your apparel costs down without scouring the sale racks, Tourney is worth a look.

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