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The Titleist 718 AP3 irons are the long-desired blend of the AP1 and AP2.  Disappointing.  These irons don’t have the AP2 feel or the AP1 forgiveness.


In every equipment category, golfers want it all, but nowhere more than irons.  We want thin top lines and minimal offset but huge distance and forgiveness.  Titleist  attempts to deliver that with the 718 AP3 irons but falls short of the goal.


The one area where the Titleist 718 AP3 does deliver is in the looks.  The top line and sole are much thinner than the AP1, though still slightly larger than the AP2.  It’s also much closer to the AP2 in terms of blade length.

One slightly jarring visual element is the offset.  There’s noticeably more offset in the AP3 compared to the AP2, and that offset combined with the thin top line is unusual to my eye.

Sound & Feel

Where the 718 AP3 starts to fall off is in the feel.  It does feel markedly softer and less clicky than the AP1, but it’s still well short of the AP2’s forged feel.

Mishits are easily identified and occasionally feel very harsh.


Titleist is calling the 718 AP3 “the player’s distance iron,” so let’s start with ball speed and smash factor.  I tested it against some of the category leaders and found the AP3 to be lacking.  The differences were not huge, but it was 3-4 MPH slower with lower smash factor.

That said, it ended up being nearly as long as some of the best players irons because it tended to launch the ball lower, with lower spin.  This made up for the lower ball speed and created equal carry distance and longer total distance.  The problem, of course, is that most players don’t want their irons to roll out 10+ yards.

Finally, we get to forgiveness.  The AP3 is certainly more forgiving than the AP2, particularly when it comes to shots hit thin, but it’s not equal to the best players cavity backs.  You can easily lose 10 yards of carry or more with a mishit on the toe or heel.

All of this adds up to an iron that is perfectly adequate, but not a category leader.  It has some forgiveness, but not elite forgiveness.  The distance is good, but could be much better with higher ball speed.  Importantly, some players will struggle to hold greens with the low spin.


The Titleist 718 AP3 isn’t a bad iron, but it’s a victim of the hype.  It is a good looking iron – if you can get past the offset – but it’s lacking in feel and forgiveness.  In a crowded market of forgiving players iron, the AP3 doesn’t stand out.

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  1. Thanks for the frank and honest review -it’s not often reviewers highlight inadequacies- which is what we need to know! You refer to the category leaders in the player’s distance irons, which are these as it’s exactly what I would like to play? thanks Rolf

    • Mike,

      I would look at the new Callaway Epic irons. The PING i200 are excellent in terms of forgiveness, and with Power Specs, may be as long. Bill has also spoken highly of the TaylorMade P irons.



  2. Thanks for a great review.

  3. Cuirtis Brzyski

    I was ready to buy the 716 CB . You stated that the diffrence from 714 to 716 was worth it.
    how is the 718 compared to the 716 CB ? Is it worth the upgrade ?

  4. I have played AP2s for 4 years (712s then 714s), and took my 7 iron to a AP3 fitting. My 7 iron swing speed was 80-82, and spin was high 6,000s with the AP2. The spin with the Ap3 was mid 5,000s. After a dozen shots with each, the averages showed 8-10 extra yards carry distance with the AP3s.
    I took the set home, then to the range. I hit 20-25 7 irons with each, and the AP3 carry was definitely further, trajectory lower. I always felt I hit my AP2s too high, especially into the wind (too high a spin rate). I will play 18 with the AP3s tomorrow, and based on the range session expect positive results.

    • The lower spin and distance is due to the loft. The 7iron’s loft for the AP3 is closer to the loft of the AP2 6iron’s.
      Regardless, good to know that the setup suits you well.

  5. I believe that you are one sided against these irons. I have hit them and they look fab, feel good, good sound, good spin numbers, great distance and packed with forgiveness.

    • Matt Saternus


      Look and feel are subjective, and if these irons fit your swing, I’m happy you found them.

      I just have to wonder, if you enjoy the irons, why do you care what this review says?


  6. Excelente Josh, thank for the review

  7. a question, some experience or reference of ap1 718?

  8. Hi, I was fitted for the AP3 and didn’t like the black AMT shaft as they hit it too low and with low spin. The AMT white were better and the project X LZ had a really good flight and spin rates.

  9. I recently received my 718 AP2 4-PW yesterday. I was a dilemma trying to decide between the AP2s and AP3’s. Even after seeing the number on the Trackman, I eventually decided to go with the AP2s. Why, couple of reasons. I’m coming out of the Mizuno MP33s and wanted forged clubs that provides the soft feel and feedback. secondly, I didn’t want my ball to rollout from my target anywhere from 5-8 yds. From my target. Although the increase in distance was impressive (7-9 yds), the lack of feel/feedback and the low spin compared to that of the AP2s steered me in the direction of the AP2s.

  10. You mentioned that you, ” tested it against some of the category leaders”

    Curious as to what clubs these are?

  11. I purchased the ap3 after a fitting. Coming from 716 ap2 I didn’t feel the ap3 gave up much of anything when it comes to feel. Yes, they had a slight click on solid impact, but only when the ball was pured or close to.. meaning: not only do they feel great with solid impact, but you and everyone around you can HEAR when you strike the ball well. In all seriousness, I was hesitant to drop the ap2 for the ap3 based on feel, but I was pleasantly surprised.. oh and I now carry the ball around 7 yards further with similar loft. Likely due to the shaft, but it still feels like a high quality titleist iron which is what I was after. I highly recommend ap3 irons! This coming from a guy that has played models from your first Dunlop set to taylormade burners, ping i15, numerous ap2 models, a couple different dci models and even CB 712. Everything I’ve said is my own opinion, just as this reviewer has his own, I just don’t agree with it, at all.. other than they look nice, because they do :)

  12. Bottom line buy what you hit best. I tried all the clubs mentioned as “cat leaders” and hit the AP3 further with less dispersion. I have also read other head to head reviews that compared numbers from trackman and basically a toss up. I did hit the new TaylorMade P further when I got it absolutely flush, but the AP3 was better on off hits.

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